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Posted on August 29 at 5:24 p.m.

Dear JarvisJarvis - Even the WSJ likes to pick and chose parts of the whole story. The German burst of solar and wind sources is making the hydroelectric, fossile fuel and nuclear energy companies literally fight for their existence, so that they are tying to create stumbling blocks for renewables any way they can. They are trying to prevent expansion of the grid to bring the solar and wind power to other parts of Germany and the EU, and suddenly highlighting the danger to bird nesting and migration where they don't care about such dangers with their antiquated energy production. It's true that solar panel production has been grabbed by China due to cheaper products, but the Germans are willing to keep solar growing even with imported panels. And that in a country that gets so much less sunlight than much of the USA. So even if there's a dip in 'competitiveness', Germany is still a stellar example of what's possible and what is bound to succeed in the long run.

On Desal Go Solar

Posted on August 27 at 12:01 a.m.

We've had solar for our home with SunnyBoy converter since 2001 and have NEVER needed repair or maintenance. The only snag is Edison charging more incomprehensible fees every year despite us selling power into the grid.

On Desal Go Solar

Posted on August 26 at 9:10 a.m.

I realize my vision is pretty much head-in-the-clouds but just wanted these options to become part of the debate. Meanwhile I have a MUCH more realistic idea:
Using the Miramar Hotel property for a magnificent desal plant with solar array, big enough to generate power for SB as well as Montecito, with property donated by Caruso for all the incredible headaches he's caused our communities over the years. And the plant construction could be financed by Ty Warner for all the years of headaches he also caused. The landscaping around the plant could be beautiful, with pathways for tours through this exemplary forward-thinking project. And both magnanimous donors could have a clear conscience, green feathers in their caps, and ovations of gratitude from us Santa Barbarians. Do you think it will fly?

On Desal Go Solar

Posted on November 1 at 6:33 p.m.

I'll keep swimming in the ocean and eating (some) fish for a long time too, but there can be a balance between enjoying it all in the present and also being informed and doing all one can so that we can hopefully enjoy it all further into the future as well - what's wrong with that?

Other excellent constantly updated info sources for those who do prefer knowing are via Facebook. check them out::

California Against Nuclear Power & Radiation
RadChick Radiation Research & Mitigation
Laura Lynch

On Radioactive Fallout from Fukushima

Posted on March 23 at 2:16 p.m.

Cheney Moving to SB - Really?

Thanks, Nick Welsh, for last week's Poodle about Cheney's key role in the instigation of the Iraq War. And now he'll be moving to our quaint town - a sobering thought. Dick, maybe "We'll leave you alone here", as Nick suggests, but I hope your conscience (assuming you have one, which is probably foolish) will never ever let you rest and that not even your walled and gated mega-villa will grant you respite.

Perhaps you'll be chauffeured to Sterns Wharf some sunny Sunday and through the tinted glass of your armored limo will spy the gleaming crosses of Arlington West. Will you connect that sight with the fact that all the fallen symbolically lying there - and so many thousands more - died untimely deaths due to your vicious world view, inhumane greed and cruel tenacity? May our peaceful place not let you live the peaceful life which you destroyed for countless others.

On Distemper Fi

Posted on February 25 at 11:58 a.m.

And how much will that cost? I bet the fence and scaffolding and covering alone are already costing a bunch that could be better used for other art-supporting efforts. I love art and sculpture, but that piece never seemed successful in what it purports to be. Maybe in part that's due to its unfortunate location where no pedestrians ever come by except for some of the homeless population who have other things to worry about than the condition of a mediocre artwork. But driving by at that busy intersection doesn't allow for the right meditative mood that one would need to at least try to enjoy its effect. The beautiful mountain panorama behind it is magnificent enough in itself and doesn't need to be framed. It would work better in some architecural setting that needs enhancement, such as the Court House gardens or De La Guerra Plaza. - Can it be relocated as part of its refurbishment?

On Chromatic Gate Restoration Begins

Posted on December 1 at 11:15 a.m.

Dear italiansurg - I know you're being sarcastic, but nevertheless: I may not be a nuclear physicist but that doesn't mean I can't understand some credible articles coming out about this. I'll gladly share some links of requested.

But besides that, I lived in Berlin during Chernobyl. With our young kids we had just started our first organic garden in our backyard, and when the radioactive rains came we had to desert our neat rows of carrots and lettuce, and our son was so disappointed. And our 2 year old daughter couldn't understand why we suddenly dismantled the sandbox she and her friends loved playing in. Those were sad times. We also didnt dare eat wild mushrooms and berries for years, and venison was a no-no for years as well. So maybe that explains why I'm being quite attentive about the Fukushima radiation spreading, especially to our West Coast where I currently have another organic garden growing........ But I would LOVE to be proven totally wrong about this issue - so please present reliable evidence to the contrary (which means NOT Tepco sources, of course) Thanks -PL

On Greatest Potential Deed

Posted on July 12 at 1:18 p.m.

for some rainy, windy Saturday Drum Circles, Sadnah was the only woman there, single-handedly radiating the feminine energies to keep our circle balanced, joyful, energized, harmonious and peaceful. We were always grateful for and inspired by her smiling presence and spiritual presents.

Sorry I'll miss the memorial event - but loving thoughts to her and all Circlers.

On Sadnah Lembo: 1939-2012

Posted on July 12 at 8:25 a.m.

Greetings from Berlin Germany- So refreshing to see an entire nation commit to ending nuclear power. It CAN be done! They need to work out the kinks such as resorting to coal-based powerplants, but by increasing wind and solar power they will fill the energy gap in a few decades. Solar growing here exponentially even though much less sunlight than in California. Hmmm... what's wrong with that picture? Wake up, California, and shut down Diablo as a start!!!!!!!

On From Fukushima to Diablo Canyon

Posted on July 27 at 4:54 a.m.

Bob was a Tower of Power in his art and in his life, as well as a wellspring of consideration, one of the gentlest people I have had the privilege of knowing. He could be a difficult person when he fought for any of his many causes, but his causes always involved benefitting others beyond himself. Bob tirelessly supported his amazing family clan with the strength of a true chieftain, and in his final months was deeply rewarded by their unending support and love. Thanks, Bob, for being a mainstay of such a broad, many-fascetted community for so many wonderful years.

On Bob Potter, 1934-2010

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