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Posted on January 17 at 11:07 a.m.

Fosters are always needed! Being a foster to a rescue dog is such a rewarding experience. Deserving Dogs provides food, toys, bedding (unless you have these things) and you provide a safe, loving home for a dog who otherwise may not have had a chance. Looking in the eyes of a dog who you helped to save is an incredible feeling. Having that dog snuggle up with you is better then any thank you! And when they go to their forever home, you know you made a huge difference, not only in saving the life of a dog, but in adding so much to the life of that dog's new family. If you can't make a life-long commitment to a dog, consider fostering for a few days or weeks or months... Contact Deserving Dogs if you want to foster!

On Deserving Dogs to the Rescue

Posted on August 18 at 5:34 p.m.

I remember you coming to meet Cocoa/Riley! After he'd been at DAWG so long, we were so happy that someone was interested in him. This story put such a smile on my face! You and Riley are lucky to have each other! I hope lots of people will come out for our movie night Friday and help DAWG to continue placing great dogs like Riley with great people to love them!

On DAWG Adoption Story

Posted on September 15 at 5:06 p.m.

So disappointed in this! I thought something was wrong with my radio. Apparently there is a bigger wrong in losing our liberal station. I am really going to miss my car radio time. Sorry, NPR is great, but not the same thing.

On Progressive Talk Radio 1490 Off the Air

Posted on November 16 at 9:57 p.m.

$400 may seem steep, but don't forget this is a pet you will have and love for many many years! If you got a small latte every day for one year, you'd be spending more that $400! And think how much more enjoyment you'll get from your dog (who will get you to go out for a walk - which will wake you up and perhaps you won't need that latte!!!)

I am so pleased that Montecito Pet Shop is making such a great switch!

On Montecito Pet Shop to Sell Only Rescued Dogs

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