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Posted on December 3 at 12:02 p.m.

Alright.. there is no one disputing this is a sad tale but there is always a reason. This women was married to my father and I know I little about the back story so many are asking for. First off the medical conditions like that do not fall from the sky. She had when I knew her and still has a drinking problem. I am now 28 and I knew her when I was 12. That many years of excessive drinking can wear on you and your family for that matter. She was shipped out from WI to CA because my father financial could not "put her up" in a living quarters anymore years after they divorced. She lived with family in the CA area until her drunkness could no longer be taken. That is how she made her journey on the street. She made a choice back when I was young that drinking was more important to her than saving her life. Right now she is reaping the results of that choice. I wish her all the best but she does and will not have my pity.

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