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Posted on October 2 at 6:03 a.m.

I am a little surprised, there are only 2 comments on this excellent article.

I congratulate you Tam on putting out an article that actually adds something intelligent to the discussion rather than endlessly recycling the same discussions/articles published at the time the news first broke of the CERN results (which many are still doing even now).

No other article has picked up on this point regarding "spooky action at a distance" and it is also curious as to why it has been brushed under the carpet for so long. Einstein spent most of his later life trying to invalidate Quantum mechanics with mathematical results like Entanglement and now we have experimental evidence showing it is in fact real.

I also agree with you, as time goes on, it be more fashionable to question Einstein's relatively theory and it will become recognised as an approximation/limiting case. It is also interesting to hear well recognised names in physics voicing their concerns and very confidently predicting errors will be found in the CERN experiment - probably not too dissimilar to other times in history when unfashionable or inconceivable horizons of science were coming into view (Darwin -On the Origin of Species - springs to mind).

I really do wish that there were more journalists with a deeper understanding of physics and put out articles that asked interesting questions and provoked thought - so thank you again for this article - I will get back to you with thoughts regarding Lorentz and Einstein.

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