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Posted on April 25 at 9:22 a.m.

This is a misguided, unthoughtout decision. The stress of trying to kick alcohol/drug addiction plus dealing with other mental disorders Is extremely high. So is the stress of kicking the smoking addiction. Add the two together spells disaster. Cigarettes have a calming affect for a smoker under stress, a fact proven by many studies. This is simply too much at once. Where is the problem in having designated outdoor smoking areas??? Patches don't get it. A big part of smoking is the ritual involved; lighting up, holding a cigarette, hand to mouth action, and the pure pleasure of inhaling the smoke. This calming effect helps the patient to focus on the other issues that are the primary purpose of these facilities. For a smoker smoking is a "medication". Take note; during any therapy sessions, in fact the whole time they are there, ALL a smoker will be thinking is "I need a cigarette"! While smoking is not a healthy habit, by lumping it all together, all at once, is only going to disturb and agitate the patient more, and assure a much lower success rate for the purpose of the program. Doctors, above all, should be educated and knowledgeable enough to understand the fallacy of this decision ("should" being the operative word here). Use your commonsense, folks, by helping a patient stay focused on the INTENDED goals, and using an incremental approach. California may want to "outlaw" smoking everywhere but a drug/alcohol/mental disorders facility is NOT the place to do it!!! Also you can bet that all of the smokers employed by these facilities WILL find a place to "sneek" a smoke. I've witnessed it firsthand.


On County Psychiatric Health Facility To Be Smoke-Free

Posted on April 13 at 10:03 a.m.

This article calls Social Security an "unfunded, mandated, liability". WRONG!!! Social Security is paid for (funded) by employees and employers. It is NOT funded by the government nor does it have anything to do with our debt. It is a program we have individually paid into, not an entitlement. The author of this misleading story needs to get his or her facts straight. And how did somebody's off base comment become a news story??? The editor of The Independent should be more vigilant.

On We Need to Talk

Posted on July 15 at 10:41 a.m.

I'm confused! While the city of Santa Barbara is strongly urging residents to conserve water usage I have noticed that the city itself is the biggest offender. A good example are the "decorative" planters dug out of the sidewalks along Cabrillo Blvd. The city uses a sprinkled system that not only waters the plants but reaches a full car width into the street as well as onto the sidewalk wasting a great deal of water. Instead a drip system should be used. I have emailed the city (Ms. Pare) about this waste as well as many others around the city but have had no reply while the sprinkled system remains in place. Who can take this city seriously when it doesn't take responsibility for it's own abuses? I would like to know how to "force" the city to correct this situation, force appearing the only way to get it done?

This is a case of "do as I say, not as I do".


On Lawns Runneth Over

Posted on May 5 at 11:04 p.m.

What the feds are doing has now escalated this into something much bigger and more serious than marijuana. A former commenter was right; it is now tyranny vs liberty. The time is ripe for a voters revolt; perhaps a cross country "revolt" March. I for one am not only mad as hell but also feeling very threatened by the gradual, but steady, loss of our freedoms as Americans. The citizens have to take back control. My fear is it may already be too late.

And whoever said "vote republican" is smoking the wrong pipe. It's the religious right, the Washington "tea party", who run the republican party now. That party scares the hell out of me. So thanks but NO THANKS!

How's Canada looking these days?

On Details Released on Medical Marijuana Crackdown

Posted on January 6 at 3:25 p.m.

A similar incident happened to me about a week ago. This nut was pounding on my motorhome yelling faggot and was heard by several other people. I called the police. The officer was not interested in hearing any details. His basic comment was "he says this you say that". He ended up giving us BOTH a ticket for illegal use of an RV (I was just sitting in my doorway talking to this officer, surprisingly calm. And what in *#!* is "illegal use of an RV"? Anyone heard of "illegal use of a car"?). So for calling the police MY PENALTY will be $185, should I pay instead of filing a grievance, which I will file. It's the publicity that brought out the politicians. Votes are everything. Sure don't see anyone even mildly concerned about my incident. I feel the officer just finished off the attackers intent. If one don't get you the other will. Potential victims should always hang with some member of the press. Otherwise you're on your own. I hope the seriously hurt victim will be ok.

On Police Investigating Possible Hate Crime

Posted on January 6 at 11:18 a.m.

I was also the victim of a hate related attack (called fag while doing) on my property plus verbal shouts, etc. This just a week ago. Police were called but the officer was uninterested in details. His comment was basically "well he says this and you say that so stay away from each other", as if I had a choice. After he left the aggressor kept yelling faggot (others heard it all). I called GLBT for assistance. The director said he would call someone at SBPD and "strongly" urged me to call the police again which I didn't feel comfortable doing but did anyway on his advice. The same officer returned, still not interested in details, and issued us BOTH tickets (illegal use of an RV). The ticket will cost $185 should I have to pay it. I will be filing a grievance with SBPD, email police chief Cam Sanchez, plus the mayor and city council. This NYE attack received much news coverage, hence the mayor and police chief's "outrage". Let's see what happens in my case

Moral: if it gets publicity it gets action. Otherwise you're on your own. Oh ya I forgot; the GLBT director said not to worry, that "we" would file a grievance. He has yet to return my many left messages.

On Residents, Leaders Denounce NYE Hate Crime

Posted on November 10 at 2:27 p.m.

I keep hearing about "occupy Santa Barbara", "occupy I.V.", etc, but after reading the stories I still have NO idea what this movement is about. Most movements, or protests, have a focused goal that is clear and apparent. I have asked several people and they are not sure either. So listen-up all you "occupy" people; what message are you trying to get across? What is it you are protesting against (or for)?????

On Professors, Students, Launch Occupy I.V.

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