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Posted on November 24 at 11:13 a.m.

As a young girl at the time with much older brothers I was aware of the situation in California but regular family rosaries etc did not allow for much in the way of discussion on the issue.
Watching the film brought back so many memories of time and place and in those crowds marching to City Hall I recognised my troubled brother. I cried for him and I cried for Harvey, so wanting the ending to be magically changed so that they could live happily ever after with some of the peace and justice for which they fought so hard and so tirelessly.
There were so many Dan White's out there, he became a supervisor, more of them became priests and teachers who exercised their own demons upon the innocence of others, afraid of their own truths and resentful of others brave enough to confront their own.
Alas, bigotry continues to exist and we continue to cope with it within our own families, summed up in the two words that are Opus Dei. Our support for the lesbian aunt is unabashed. We have no fear.
I am a woman, married to man and we have three sons and I will not allow anyone to dictate to me who sits at our dinner table. A relationship is between two people, the Pope not being one of them.
I adored the movie, I adore San Francisco where the flames of so many candles burn in the memory and light the way to continue the fight.

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