Open your palms. Your own palms.

If you can, get a magnifying glass. I want you to
examine your finger tips. Very closely.

I am going to ask you to look for what is called “peacock’s
feather,” a sign that indicates protection from
. Some schools of palm reading interpret these
peacock feathers to mean literally that if you have this mark, you
are saved from dying. As in, if you have a fatal disease, you will
be able to overcome the situation. Or, if you are in a car wreck
and the car is thrown and totaled, you will walk away unharmed.

Palm diagram

Other schools of thought interpret the same marking to mean that
you have strong survivor’s ability, more like a thick skin. I often
tell those people who have a lot of peacock feathers that if they
were on a lifeboat off the Titanic, I would try to get on the one
they were on. Odds were, they would survive. And
the sign also means ability to adapt to harsh situations.

OK. So what do you look for? Have a look at your thumb tip
first, on your left hand. Do you see a concentric swirl, with the
central swirl tipped diagonally to one side? That’s your
peacock feather
. If you have one on your left thumb print,
you will most likely survive cancer or AIDS if you get either. This
survival of life-threatening situations is something you were born

If you have this same marking on your right thumb print, it
means that this ability to survive life-threatening
—accidents, genocides—was something you were not
born with, but developed in action during the course of your life,
out of necessity. Now go through and count how many slanted swirls
occur on all of your finger tips. If you can detect one on the
little finger of your right hand, you have been forced by necessity
to develop the ability to survive economic hardship. If this
marking occurs on the ring finger of your right hand, you have been
foreced by necessity to develop your talents in order to survive.
For example, I heard a woman perform once at a music festival in
Michigan whom I would guess has this peacock feather on her right
ring fingertip. She performed music in a Nazi concentration camp.
Because the Nazi elite wanted to be entertained, she literally sang
for her life—and saved it.

So go through all your finger tips and see how many of these you
can identify. If you have seven, it could mean literally according
to the traditional school that you will have seven close encounters
with death and survive. Or, according to the second school, that
you have a 70 percent adaptability rate. Under pressure, you have a
70 percent chance of doing whatever it takes to keep your head
above water. Others less fortunate in their
than you would cave in, met with the same

How to use this in real life: if you have a high number of
peacock feathers, you might try looking for peacock feathers in the
hands of others that you think are whiny and weak and collapse
under pressure or respond with great fear and panic to threats,
which you don’t. Chances are, they don’t have as many peacock
feathers as you do. So be compassionate for the less

Try to imagine that each of these peacock feather markings on
the various finger tips represents a real peacock feather in some
one’s aura, providing protection.

Some have this protection and can walk through fire.

Others don’t. Batya Weinbaum reads palms through the
Enchanting Cottage in Carpinteria.


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