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I recognized from the start that Sally Carless of Ojai was a truly remarkable person. So, I asked if I could read her palms. In her patio, next to a newly potted rose garden, she complied.

The first thing I noticed right off was Sally’s Aquarian Jupiter finger. That indicates that Sally takes leadership in ways way above and beyond what is generally understood as consensus reality. Frequently, this trait of her personality leads to Sally being misunderstood.

For example, Sally mentioned she had started a philanthropic foundation called, Power of the Heart.

My inner wheels started turning as soon as I heard this. What could I ask this philanthropist I had stumbled upon to support? The journal I founded and edit, Femspec? My art? My clothing business? Perhaps my play, my novel, or my poetry?

How had I failed to note – I berated myself – that I had stumbled into a den of inconspicuous money?

What Sally meant was, she had figured out a way for all of us to be philanthropists, even if we didn’t feel we had any or enough money to help anyone else.

So, the fact that her Jupiter (pointing) finger curved slightly towards her Saturn finger (the middle finger) indicated that the way she leads in the world is way ahead of the times.

The afternoon last week, when I explained to Sally what this meant about her personality, she mentioned as further evidence of the theory the Global Village School – another one of her self-generated businesses. Sally confessed to me that people have told her this project is also ahead of its time.

Global Village is an on-line, K-12th grade, home schooling community that focuses on peace, justice, diversity, and sustainability in the courses it offers.

Both Sally’s left and right hand Jupiter fingers curve gently inward, towards the center line of her hand, so I was not surprised. She had realized she wanted to be a philanthropist, but didn’t have the bank account that philanthropists usually do, so this was her solution. She realized that we can all be philanthropists and that we don’t have to be rich to help others.

Another indication that Sally was doing the right thing by starting her own businesses was the slight separation I noticed between her ring and her index finger. This was revealed as she held her palms open, face up, to have them read. This is a marking of creativity. Similarly, the distance between the little (Mercury) finger and the ring finger shows it is better if Sally works for herself, rather than for others.

So take a look at your pinky finger. Does it rise to the line of the beginning of the last phalange of the ring finger? Then you can break even. Sally’s rose a little higher on her potential (left) hand, and a little lower on her right hand – the hand that showed me what she was actually doing.

When I pointed this out she shrugged. Well, if you want to start a non-profit like Global Village, there will be a time when you are inevitably below towing that break-even line. But Sally had six peacock feathers. Readers of this column will recognize that such a configuration on the fingerprints means that she is well protected against difficult – even life-threatening – circumstances; like whether she will earn enough to keep a roof over her head, or afford food.

Luckily for Sally, she has rounded finger tips, reflecting her practicality. If I had been a loan officer, being asked to consider giving this woman a loan, I would have noticed that abundance is coming, as indicated by the almond shape between the first and second phalange on the inside of her Saturn finger. She would have gotten whatever she asked for from me.

Sally’s fingers also curved up, which readers of Opening Palms will recognize as an indication of generous hands that hold up the world.

Her Apollo lines – or the lines in the mound just before her ring fingers – told me she possessed numerous talents. And you need to have many talents and do many things to start a non-profit, Sally confirmed. She reflected on how if you start a business without much hard cash, you will need to put lots of volunteer hours into creating that vision. She has a good strong intuition line, which runs across the spiritual mound up from the wrist to the beginning of the little finger. Intuition is necessary for starting these kinds of projects as well.

Her palms also indicate a lot of determination. I saw in her an ability to feel deeply with her heart. I noted that her heart line reaches out towards independence. You use your heart to empower people, I explained. The many branching water lines across her heart line indicated a generosity of spirit.

But Sally is also easily influenced by external events, indicated by the lines crossing her life line. When I pointed this out, she recalled feeling a huge amount of grief after reading a series of news articles about Iraq, Guatamala, Guantanamo Bay, and the US establishing torture centers everywhere. Being aware of so much suffering around the world – as Sally writes on her web page – the internet makes us both able to know and able to find ways of doing things to make a difference.

Her idea was to help many who feel overwhelmed to reach out with their hearts. She encourages people to put away the money they would spend on coffee once a day and use it to fund specific projects of their choice. All she does is help people donate money. Say, a group of friends will pledge not to go out to dinner, but to throw a potluck instead. They then put the equivalent to what the dinner bill would have been towards a project in Thailand or some other needy part of the world.

The leadership triangle in the center of her palm tells all. Sally is well-constituted to lead in this sort of project, for the betterment of the world.

Batya Weinbaum will read your palm if you call or send $30 and a self addressed self stamped envelope with a Xerox of your palms to 1072 Casitas Pass Road, Box 224, Carpinteria, CA 93013. For more information call (216) 233-0567. You can also join an on-line palmistry discussion group for $35 a year. And she takes private pupils – even loan officers!


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