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Denver by the Digits

4: The number of official convention days, from August 25 to 28.

13: The number of delegates coming from American Samoa, the smallest delegation.

24: The number of months it took to plan the convention.

35: The number of cities Denver had to beat out to host the reception.

45: This is the 45th Democratic National Convention.

503: The number of delegates from California, the largest delegation.

1908: The year, exactly 100 years ago, that Denver last hosted the DNC, when William Jennings Bryan was nominated.

1,000: The number of free bicycles on loan to Denver, just one part of the greenest convention ever.

4,233: The number of Democratic Party delegates; 3,409 are “pledged” while 823 are “unpledged” (aka “superdelegates”).

21,000: The number of people who have signed up to volunteer.

75,000: The number of people that INVESCO Field can fit for Obama’s August 28 acceptance speech.


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