Dear Laura,

Can animals see spirits? My cats are constantly looking at something that I don’t see. They appear to be following something down the hallway and even stop themselves from jumping on the living room La-Z-Boy chair as if someone is already sitting there. What are your thoughts?


Do I Have Ghosts in My Home?

Dear Do I Have Ghosts in My Home?,

It is common for animals to talk about angels and spirits in houses and around their people. Many describe beautiful beings around their people as their people write, create, or meditate. Some talk about a blackness that sucks the energy out of their people, sweeps along the floor, or gets caught in the ceiling fans. Very often animals tell me that they see their old animal companions in daily living. They also tell me about spirits that want to send a message to their people. These spirits are grandparents, friends, spouses, or children who have passed. I believe these spirits know that I am not open to talking to deceased humans so they find a way to relay their messages through the family pet.

About a year ago, I was at woman’s house who was in her mid-forties. She was an intelligent, stunningly beautiful woman – the kind of woman who would not only be featured in fashion catalogues but also be the editor as well. She asked me to talk to her 25-year-old cat to see how he was doing and if he was getting ready to make the transition to heaven. The cat told me, “Tell my mom she will be okay when I die. Her young man will look over her, just like he always has.” The woman was confused. She did not know a young man who had passed. That cat told me that the man was about 20 years old. It was one of those times I felt like my client was thinking, “This woman is nuts. She is completely off; why am I wasting my money on her?”

But I didn’t feel like I was off, so I asked the cat again, and he said, “My mom knows him well. He is very close to her. He will always protect her.” The woman looked at her cat and then back at me and shook her head with pure disbelief in our communications. At that moment, without thinking, I blurted out, “Did your mom have a miscarriage 20 years ago?” I didn’t know where it came from. It didn’t come from me and I wasn’t sure it came from her cat either. Our session just got very personal very fast and she didn’t even seem like a believer. Had I just crossed a very sensitive line? The woman sat back in her chair. She was wide-eyed. She sighed and then began to sob with deep emotion. Tears streamed down her checks. We sat there for a long moment. Me in silence, her cat twirling his tail around her legs, and her in a deep release of sorrow. When she began to breathe easier she said, as she stood up from her chair to grab a tissue, “I had a miscarriage 20 years ago. The pregnancy was far along. It was a boy.” I can’t explain it, but I am sure that spirit is her guardian angel.


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