Often when I am speaking with animals they talk about spirits on the other side that are around their people.  In my experience, these spirits are mostly deceased loved ones, ancestors, or angelic creatures.  Rarely are they negative entities.  The animals tell us there are times when, in order to receive help and guidance from these beings, we must ask for it.  We must consciously reach out for help.

Here I ask my animals, “How do we ask for help?  Why do we have to ask for help? How do we know who to ask?’

Laura Stinchfield

Serafina, my gray cat, says, “If you feel trouble inside your chest and you can’t make a decision, that is a good time to ask. There are a lot of beings around each individual wanting a job to do, but they need to be directed. I know this because I see energetic movement around you when you ask for help.”

Stormy, my Aussie Dog: “If you don’t ask for help and try to control the situation yourself , it might get worse.  You just need to have faith that someone hears you and wants to help you. The more you are kind to people and animals, the more advanced helpers you have on the other side. So it is important to be kind to other beings.

Bean, my black bunny: “It is important to trust your situation in someone else’s energetic space.  Like, one time I decided I never wanted to be picked up again, and I asked an angel to tell my person, and now my person doesn’t pick me up anymore. I feel safer.  I was too scared to tell my person [that’s me, Laura] myself because I didn’t want to disappoint her.  She likes my fur against her face. Now she bends down to me to hug me.”

Seamora, my blue and gold parrot: “There are so many spirits in our house that sometimes I have to scream, because they are crowding the living room. One time there was an elephant in here, and I thought, ‘You are beautiful and big.’ All of the spirit animals would help my mom because they want the word about animals to get out.  So if my mom asked, “All animals, please help me get the word out,” they would.  Sometimes it’s surprising who is around.

Jubilee, my appaloosa horse: “There are a lot of Native American spirits here and they want my mom to tie a hawk-feather in my mane. They say my life is important. They tell me to trust my mom, but sometimes I get scared because she is not a horse, nor is she here all the time. I was confused, but they have been telling me about having a mission in life, and they told me I have a good mission. I am excited for my life. Now I ask them to keep me company when I am lonely, and then I have a peace about me I didn’t have before. I like having spirits around.”

Makia, my cat: “I died and my mom screamed for help, and a powerful healer came in spirit and healed me. I am alive now. I know it is important to ask for help. Do you know you can request help for others and others will be helped too? It is important to believe this, because if you do, your life will be easier. You also have to say ‘Thank you’ a lot. When you are grateful, those spirits get a burst of refreshing energy. It reminds me of when I lived where the monarch butterflies migrated every year. If you ever sat in a field of thousands of monarchs you would believe in heaven, being loved, and gratitude.”


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