Stormy and Luca
Laura Stinchfield

I am going on vacation. Here I ask my animals what they want or need while I am gone. They reply …

Serafina, my gray cat, says, “I would like to make sure I get my treats in the morning. I would like to be able to look out the front window in the middle of the night. I like to be called by the correct name. I don’t want too many people over that I don’t know, and I would like no additional pets in the house.”

Seamora, my blue and gold Macaw, says, “I would like to make sure I don’t get direct sun. I would like to be outside of my cage and I would like my pet sitter to sing to me. I would like my tasty cereal everyday. I would like cantaloupe and a banana every few days.”

Laura Stinchfield

Bean, my bunny, says, “I want my pet sitter to make sure I get fresh water daily. The good water, not tap water. I want her to be good at giving me my breakfast of carrot tops, and not forget. When she looks at me I would like her to see my soul rather than just my fur and body. I would like time out of my pen.”

Makia, my white cat, says, “I would like her to give me my oral medicine gently. I would like her to brush me. If I get confused in the middle of the night, she should tell me that mom is away and where I am in the house. She will remember to turn on my nightlights, right? Just make sure my food is not too soggy and not too dry. Tell her we are her friends and we will talk to her if she wants to practice hearing animals.”

Luca, my poodle, says, “I want to run with her at the park and tell my pet-sitter I can go off-leash sometimes. Tell her also that when I eat sometimes it takes me awhile; please don’t give my food away. If I am naughty, just tell me I am naughty by talking to me, not by jerking me. I like cuddling and I sleep on the bed. Stormy is my best friend and I am not supposed to bite his legs.”

Jubilee, my appaloosa sport horse, says, “I want my trainer to know that I want to go on a trail ride with friends, and I want her to know that I trust her decisions with me, and I prefer to be ridden rather than lunged. Also, my back left leg is stiff. Also, my bridle – sometimes the bit hurts my mouth. It feels like it is choking me. I like my fly mask off at night, and I like fly spray on me during the day, and you can use it on my friend too. Tell her I like it when she talks to me and explains things to me, because then I understand everything she says on a deeper level. Its helpful because I think later about what she said.”

Stormy, my Aussie dog, says, “I want my pet sitter to go to bed early so that I get rest, otherwise I don’t feel well. I want her to know that when I am eating, she doesn’t need to sit with me. I want to make sure I get treats every day and I want her to know that I don’t like the sun on my back. I prefer the shade. I enjoy riding in the stroller, and sometimes I like to play Frisbee but she has to hold Luca so I can catch it, and I don’t see very well or hear very well so it is good if she waves her hands or claps. If I get up in the middle of the night, I usually have to go really bad so it is best to let me out, not tell me to go lie down. I really like massages, and I like to know when the pet-sitter is coming back so if she can talk to me, that would be great. I like to know everything and, just like Makia said, we can talk to her too so she can practice hearing us. We like teaching humans to hear animals. Tell her we are love and I can tell she is love to and I feel safe with her already. I feel like she’ll take care of us well.”


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