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Get to Know Todd and Erin

Erin Nicole Smith and Todd Dakin Make Sweet Pop Music

Todd and Erin
Courtesy Photo

Name: Todd and Erin

Hometown: Santa Barbara

First concert you attended: No Doubt when I was about 11. I wasn’t playing music yet, but it definitely planted a seed or sparked a flame — or it did something catalytic like that. (Erin)

Last song that made you cry: Anything by Boyz II Men. No, probably something by Jeff Buckley or Sigur Rós. If I cried, I mean, it was definitely one of those. (Todd)

The strangest thing in your record collection is: That’s hard because I legitimately like this stuff, but a lot of ’80s pop, like Eddie Money on vinyl. (Todd)

When you play live, people can expect: Fun party jams.

If I could write a song with anyone, it would be: Michael Jackson (Erin)

What fans should expect when they come to see you play: Somewhat playful bickering.

Most prized possession: My copy of The Exorcist, which is like, a possession possession. (Erin)

If you weren’t a musician, you’d be: A miserable person. (Todd)

Beatles or Stones? Beatles.

If you could go on tour with anyone, it would be: Coldplay because I’ll bet a lot of folks would show up.

Hear it online at toddanderinmusic.com.


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