Santa Barbara Police Department Arrests Robbery Suspect

Paul Catono Murray | Credit: Courtesy

On May 7, SBPD arrested 19-year-old Paul Catono Murray on charges of robbery, battery, and committing a felony while out on bail in Stockton, CA. Murray is the second suspect to be arrested in relation to the alleged robbery of Ross on upper State Street in December 2019, in which he is accused of striking a female victim and taking her money. In February, SBPD arrested 21-year-old Ahdarah Garcia-Rasay on charges of alleged accessory to robbery. 

Ahdarah Garcia-Rasay

SBPD says that multiple suspects fled the scene of the robbery in a getaway car, and that they pursued multiple leads. On May 7, Murray was arrested in Stockton after he allegedly left Santa Barbara following the robbery. Murray was also charged with resisting arrest and is currently booked in the Santa Barbara County Jail.