Finding the Truth

The letter headed “Trump-ettes” states the writer is “tired of the media claiming Trump tells lies. Yet none of these people ever say what these lies are or have any proof…”

Your fatigue may be the result of the media you choose to hear or read.

If I were being rude, I would ask if, in these last three years, you have been living under a rock, or in a soundproof hut isolated at the top of a mountain. I instead will assume your question is genuine, and ask you instead: Have you realistically exposed yourself to any one of the tens of thousands of words which award winning newspapers/magazines/books have written, and award winning journalists and other experts have spoken? 

Just off the top of my head, I recommend:  The New York Times, The Atlantic,  PBS, CNN, MSNBC, New York Review of Books, and anyone of at least 6 books which contains his lies and proof of: “ Rage “, “Disloyal “ , “ Compromised “, Mary Trump’s book, to name a few.

Mountains of words have clearly addressed not only trump’s  lies, but,  in intelligent accurate sentences have  addressed the lies using, very often, trump’s own words as refutation, showing how his own words are proof of the lie.

The real question is, do you consider trump’s contradiction of his previous statements as proof one of his statements was a lie? 

For example: do you think it is a lie to believe covid is an exceedingly dangerous virus, (a statement made by trump in his own words which most of America has heard ), and then again in his own words, repeatedly, for months, denounce covid as a Democratic hoax, something which will be gone in a few days, nothing to worry about?

One of those statements from the man who was elected to protect Americans is not true.  Because trump lied, may I incidentally point out, almost 200,000 Americans have died, many of whom may be alive if he had not lied to us.

Another example: you may have heard trump’s claim that President  Obama was born in Kenya, and even though Obama presented his birth certificate for  the world to see, trump never retracted his lie.  Is that possibly an indication to you of a trump lie which the media has shown… with proof…. to be a lie?

If I had the inclination….I do not….I could list, as does trump’s lawyer, many of trumps lies and proof thereof in his book, “Disloyal” by Michael Cohen.

If you do access the media I’ve recommended and your question still stands, I have more recommendations to make.

Regarding the speech of his you say you heard, and his accomplishments which you believed as being true, I challenge you to list his “accomplishments“.

Let me see if we’re both living in the same country and if we both heard his promises : Did trump build the famous wall so Mexicans would not come to America to rape us, as he said they would?  ( I’m glad he failed. )

Did he give Americans an alternative to Obama Care, so thousands of Americans could keep their insurance?  ( I’m glad he failed )

Did he show his tax returns as he promised; another one of his lies?

Did he not instead alienate many of our previous allies in the world?

Didn’t he, instead of making this country great,  divide Americans with his open denoucements of our great American institutions: the Press, the FBI, CDC, USPS, the privilege to vote, the men and women who died in the military,  and so many more.

Did he “ clean the swamp of politics “ or did he not instead bring into his administration so many people with fraudulent criminal backgrounds. At least six of his choices are now in jail.

There is so much evidence of his lies, failures, and incompetence. I truly question the sincerity of your question.


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