Beware Tire Pollution

On December 3, the Los Angeles Times published an extended article that we all should read. A long-term scientific study about the die-off of 50 percent of coho salmon in Washington State each year, the study consensus determined, was due to a preservative used in tire manufacturing. This is in the tire material that cars leave on the streets. This material is going into the waters that house the salmon and killing half of them! I guarantee you that they are not the only sea life affected by this killer material.

There is no doubt that the tire rub-off that cars produce here, along with other poison, goes into our storm drains and finds its way into the ocean and into the stomach of anything that lives in or is from the ocean. It no doubt kills or poisons a great percentage of local sea life and is not all that healthy for people who venture into the ocean.

I have written council after council and discussed the fact that great swaths of our city, including our street for the last 40 years, have no street sweeper service. It has fallen on deaf ears for the entire time.

I have over the years, brought up Best Street Cleaning Practices, which include a sprayer truck followed by a vacuum truck that vacuums all the filth into its tank. Where you do sweep our streets, mainly in the city inner core, you are using technology that is trying to reach God by spewing the filth they pick up into the air, which people then suck into their lungs. You do not sweep the foothills, and they are a prime source for the production of poisoned sea water.

By not sweeping all of our streets, most of the residue from car tires, brake pads, feces, and any other filth you can think of flows into the storm drains and then into the ocean.

It is time for you on the council to clean up the killer filth on our streets! So far you and the city’s administration have failed!

The next council and mayor’s races will be nasty, and the physical condition of our city will be in the forefront! The natives are restless because our city has started to become an ugly sewer, and you are not doing enough to stop it!

It is also time for our local media to get on this story. Enough with all the stories and pictures about the newest restaurants, the newest bars, and all the other junk stories.


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