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Immigration issues have been in the political forefront of the nation for many years. Under President Obama and Vice President Biden, illegal immigration grew to a peak, and cages were needed to house the children separated from their parents. When President Trump was elected, his agenda was to get the problem under control and end this illegal invasion of our country.

Mexico’s refusal or lack of interest in controlling its border with the U.S. deliberately violates our sovereignty and is a de facto state of war with the United States. Mexico and Central American states deliberately send to the U.S. their people and drug dealers for their financial benefit. Violations of our borders by illegal immigrants threaten our national security and the health of our citizens. Many illegal immigrants are terrorist sympathizers, and others carry diseases from countries where health codes are not enforced.

Unless our borders are “iron curtains” with effective walls, immigration reform is a waste of time and represents political posturing used by the Democrats to curry favor with the Mexican illegal immigrants for their future votes after they have received amnesty. In the meantime, even more illegal immigrants will attempt to cross the porous border to receive such opportunities in the U.S. that are not available in Mexico.

President Trump negotiated terms with these countries to control their population and limit border crossing. In addition, immigration reform must include “The Wall.” During his term President Trump had funded over 600 miles of new modern walls built where necessary to control the border.

President Trump was right. The U.S. must secure our borders from illegal immigration before we can reform our naturalization system.

The U.S. must negotiate a strict treaty with Mexico to control their border with the U.S. With this action in the last four years, the illegal flow across the border was slowed to a trickle.

Then along came the 2020 election and the misguided American voters elected the Obama-2, Joe Biden as president. Joe immediately opened the borders and stopped the wall, canceled the foreign control agreements, reopened the holding pens for children, and is totally responsible for the chaos that is now underway in the whole U.S. Unless stopped now, about one million illegal immigrants will cross our borders this year. And with no COVID testing.

Immigration reform can only proceed with controlled borders. Along with that above is another issue in the present process of naturalization, which many believe is too long and expensive. Perhaps we should consider a shorter period of three to four years. If the candidate did not pass their test in that time, then another year would be granted. If that failed then the candidate would be deported or placed on a temporary work program. It was originally five years but changed to 14 in the late 1700s. Costs for newcomers should be limited to clerical processing costs.

With anywhere from 12 million to 20 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., our representatives will need to mount a draconian effort to train all these illegals in American culture, history, and English. Otherwise we will not have an American system, as we know it today, for our grandchildren.

There must also be a crackdown on all employers to require all employees to be legal immigrants or on the naturalization or official works programs. Employers must be responsible for these foreign workers.

All the social welfare programs that attract the illegal immigrants must be eliminated. If you break our laws, you get nothing.

If guest workers are really needed in the U.S., they must be under contract for a finite time, bused from the border by their employers, housed at decent facilities and returned to the border when the work is done as in the H2A program. The families could not live with the workers, and only emergency medical service would be provided. Food could be provided individually or in a boarding house format.

Visas must be reviewed and policed to end permanent student “visits.”

Only if American citizens cannot fill a need should guest workers be allow in.

Family members have to wait their turn to become citizens to enter the U.S. permanently not as “tag ons” to naturalized members or anchor babies.

“Sanctuary Cities” are outlawed.

Immigration must be on need basis and put on a moratorium until the system is normalized. Welfare and “new voters” are not a reason for immigration.


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