Why Donald Trump Took 26 Boxes of Classified Documents Home with Him?

From an Undivulged Source Who Helped the Former President Grab What He Could

Credit: Monte Wolverton, Battle Ground, WA

My source for this Independent exclusive cannot be divulged, but suffice to say he was one of the last of the Trump true believers who stayed behind to help the former president smash and grab what he could from the White House.

The plan had all started when President Trump’s “felon-in-law” Jared Kushner came home from Saudi Arabia with two billion dollars in his pocket. According to my source, Trump lost it. This was for two reasons, the first is that Mr. Trump is saddled with a billion dollars in debt and the Trump Organization is facing massive legal and financial problems. That money should have gone to him. The second was now his precious daughter, Mrs. Kushner, would be financially independent of him.

Throwing food against the wall did him no good. He had to do something about this. That’s when he reached out to my man. According to my source, none of Trump’s “regular guys” could do it. They either didn’t have the proper security clearance to handle the documents or just plain didn’t want to “go near this potential mess.”

So, my guy was charged with gathering up everything for Trump that wasn’t nailed down and put it into boxes. (They had to send an intern to a number of local supermarkets to collect enough cartons.)

My source had asked the chief executive if taking all this stuff was okay, and Trump had assured him that from what he knew about the Presidential Records Act he could (he’d never bothered to read it). He said that Trump suddenly jumped up from his desk. “There!” said the President. “I’m now making this a standing order. From now on all these documents are declassified and mine!”

My source’s job once he got to the country club was to separate and arrange the information for a “one day only sale.”

The idea was quite simple. Trump would invite “cut outs” from various intelligence services to come to Mar-a-Lago for a “fake wedding.” They’d all be put up in lavish suites at the estate. All they had to do was bring suitcases full of cash. They could then load the empty suitcases with whatever documents they wished to buy and take home with them.

Interesting side fact. Trump wanted to charge an extra hundred thousand dollars if the buyer took the documents in their original “Top Secret” folders. About half the buyers passed on that, which explains all the empty files in the cartoons.

Here’s a brief look at the price list presented to buyers:


       Everything must go! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your intelligence services to catch up with America’s.

         A TICKET ITEMS: These include highly sensitive “Return to Staff” memos and personal information about a “who’s who” of America’s spy community — $5,000,000

         B TICKET ITEMS: Hard to find ORCON classification memos. These Originator-controlled pieces of intelligence are closely guarded by each of America’s intelligence agencies. For example, if the CIA “owns” the intel of a particular piece of information, they’d never think of sharing with the NSA — $7,000,000

       C TICKET ITEMS: THE EXCLUSIVE HCS COLLECTION. The Human Intelligence Control System provides the names of actual foreign spies who give the United States their HUMINT (human intelligence). A fast and efficient way to get rid of old friends and make new ones — $9,000,000

         D TICKET ITEMS: THE NOFORN PAPERS. The not for release to foreign nations documents are something your other Intelligence partners would kill for (literally). These mostly Department of Defense documents cannot be shared by American Intelligence officials with any partner nation. England may not know about stuff, but you sure do! — $10,000,000

         E TICKET ITEMS: SI. These are “gems” of the collection. Signal Intelligence (formerly called  Communications Intelligence) gives the buyer total access to every scrap of intelligence sent to the Director of the National Security Agency. Why have your people trying to guess what America is up to when you can read the actual facts? Need nuclear codes? We’ve got ’em! — $25,000,000

         Be sure to ask about our special year-end two-for-one sale! Everything must go!

         Tired of being the last to know what United States Intelligence is up to? Now you can be your own “Special Master”!

My source wasn’t happy about what he’d done. Even worse, he couldn’t remember if he’d switched off the surveillance cameras the day of the sale in Donald Trump’s office.


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