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Resilience is an important quality that enables us to push through tough times, pick ourselves up when we fall, and keep going in the face of adversity. It’s an essential aspect of mind-body wellness that can help us overcome challenges and unearth strength amid struggle.

Most people consider resilience an individual characteristic; however, caring relationships and networks also play a part in its development. We can nurture and build our resilience through meaningful interactions with others, and it is through these interactions that we can shift our mindset and alter the magnitude of whatever challenges we may be facing. A sense of community helps crystalize our purpose and motivates us to persist, reminding us we are not alone in this life.

In many tribal cultures, empathy is not just seen as a personal virtue but as a collective responsibility that leads to resilience. The idea is that when one member of the tribe hurts, the pain is shared by the entire community. This interconnectedness creates a strong bond between members of the tribe, and this bond can lead to resilience in the face of adversity.

For example, in some African indigenous cultures, when one community member experiences grief or loss, the entire community comes together to mourn and support the affected individual. This collective mourning is seen as a way to share the burden of the pain and to help the individual heal.

Similarly, in some Native American cultures, there is a concept called “mitakuye oyasin,” which means “we are all related.” This concept recognizes the interconnectedness of all things, including people, animals, and the environment. When one part of the whole is in pain, the entire system is affected. Therefore, the community comes together to offer support and healing.

This strong sense of empathy and connection creates resilience that can help the community overcome difficult situations. When faced with a challenge, the members of the tribe can come together and work towards a common goal, drawing on their shared strength and sense of purpose.

As a therapist, I often feel inspired by the resilience and strength of the human spirit, especially in witnessing how healing is made possible by sharing our stories and through connection. Another example of resilience from our own community is a young man named Collin Bosse. Collin, a 24-year-old avid surfer, embodies the definition of resilience; he cares deeply for others and is gentle, kind, and optimistic. But life can be tragic and unpredictable, and last week, Collin — one of our own — was involved in a tragic accident that left him without feeling from the chest down. Despite this devastating news, Collin hasn’t given up hope. He’s working with a team of medical professionals to regain his strength — refusing to let this injury define him.

Collin’s story is another powerful reminder of the importance of resilience, the strength within each of us, and the power of hope through connection. His story reminds us that resilience (cultivated both from within ourselves and through our connections) makes the impossible possible and enables us to overcome our most profound challenges. And the power of community is critical when considering resilience. 

When we’re part of a strong, supportive network of people, we are better equipped to cope with life’s challenges and to emerge stronger than before. So, it is with this spirit that I say that Collin and his family could use our help. The costs of his medical care, rehabilitation, and ongoing therapy are a big part of his journey toward recovery. Please consider donating to Collin’s GoFundMe page to show your support and to help him on his journey to wellness. And if you cannot donate right now, there are many ways to come together as a community and show our love and support. For example, you can support Collin and his family by sharing this message and keeping them in your thoughts and prayers.

Ultimately, it can be easy to feel isolated and disconnected in this world, which is the opposite of what it means to embody resilience. But the truth is, investing in our relationships with others is one of the most important things we can do for our resilience—both individually and collectively. So, whether it’s donating to Collin’s fund, volunteering for a cause we care about, or simply connecting with friends and family, building strong relationships with others is a crucial aspect of resilience. When we have a community of people who support us, believe in us, and encourage us, we are better equipped to face the challenges that life throws our way.

May we continue to come together as a community and show our support for others, celebrate the fact that we are resilient, and inspire others to find strength in the face of adversity. When we stand together, we can overcome anything, and no challenge is too great when we have the power of resilience working for us.

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