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SANTA BARBARA, CA, JULY 5, 2023 (Update): Flamenco Arts Festival (FAF), a non-profit based in
Santa Barbara, is back with its tradition of presenting world-class flamenco artists from Spain and the
U.S. The FAF, devoted to flamenco music and dance, kicked off the season with music workshops in
February, and a music concert and a dance workshop in May. It continues with its season offerings at the
Historic Lobero Theatre on the Friday of Fiesta, with Alfonso Losa from Madrid in the award-winning
production of Flamenco: Espacio Creativo (Flamenco: Creative Space). He is joined by the elegant
dancer and invited guest artist Concha Jareño. Also performing are Francisco Vinuesa (guitarist, musical
director), Angeles Toledano (singer), and Antonio Luque “Canito” (singer).

The Flamenco Arts Festival was founded by Vibiana and her father, Alberto Pizano, in 1999. It is a 501
(c)3 arts and education non-profit. Proceeds from ticket sales help to offset the cost of free programming,
scholarships, community access tickets, and music and dance education.

“We start from a whole, but in reality, we have nothing. Our heritage is immense, but each creation
confronts us with the unknown: with something that needs to be born, and that we must discover. The
seed of Flamenco: Espacio Creativo (Flamenco: Creative Space) is simply my love for dance in its
broadest and most respectful concept. This is the one major reason that led me to introspection, to
rework my language, to rediscover and surprise myself. With Estévez & Paños, I immerse myself in
poetry impregnated with new energies and concepts. I expose my body to unusual movements in my
choreographic alphabet. I find in the other concomitant languages the natural and necessary extensions
to harmonize my discourse. I am motivated by the complexity of contrasts and challenge myself to
develop a palette of different emotions.

There is no transgression, but rather deep research in relation to what has already been created because
the creative space of flamenco dance is like the universe: defined, but unlimited.” Alfonso Losa

NOTE: Rafael Estévez and Valeriano Paños, two of the most sought-after flamenco choreographers
today, share artistic direction and choreography with Losa.

AWARD PRESENTATION: Javier Rodríguez Mañas
The Alberto Pizano Award for the Arts is part of the Gala Performance and will be presented before the
performance by Alfonso Losa. Tickets to the gala include this presentation.
Mr. Mañas is the Consul of Tourism Affairs, Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles. This award is being
presented to Mr. Mañas in recognition of a lifetime of significant contributions, dedication, and
commitment to the art of flamenco.

“Flamenco has always been part of my life. Fortunately, my professional choice has allowed me to weave
my passion for this unique Spanish cultural art form into my work and promote Spain as a tourist
destination. The Santa Barbara Flamenco Arts Festival has done a wonderful job at keeping it authentic,
every year selecting elegant and genuine artists acclaimed in Spain’s recognized flamenco circles. I am
happy to support such a wonderful and enjoyable event to promote my country and the art of flamenco.”

Javier Rodríguez Mañas
Mr. Mañas has been a friend and a major influence on the Flamenco Arts Festival and to many other
flamenco organizations and individuals for the last five years. He has helped to promote the art of
flamenco and Spanish culture, tradition, and history in the U.S. West Coast through his generous
contributions and has added immeasurably to the success of the Flamenco Arts Festival.
Mr. Mañas will be leaving his post in Los Angeles on September 1 and his departure will be greatly felt.
The FAF Board is truly grateful for his friendship, and we thank him for his generosity.

Javier Mañas joins previous award recipients Doña Cristina Hoyos (2003), Roberto Amaral (2004), Juan
Talavera (2009), David Asbell (2017), and Luisa Triana (2019).

“The Flamenco Arts Festival is proud to return with its in-person programming to celebrate 24 years since
the founding of the organization and presenting world-class flamenco artists from Spain and the
U.S. Since 1999, we have presented world-class flamenco artists, such as Eva Yerbabuena, Cristina
Hoyos, Carlos Rodriguez and Angel Rojas, Antonio Najarro, Dorantes, Israel Galvan, Manuel Linan,
Patricia Guerrero to name a few.

Back in 1999 we knew the Lobero Theatre was the logical place for our flamenco festival because there
had been a tradition of flamenco and Spanish artists performing at the Lobero going back many, many
years. We are happy to be back at the Lobero and be a part of the theatre’s 150th anniversary celebration.
We are also bringing back another tradition with flamenco performances at the Lobero during Fiesta
week, on Friday, August 4 with Alfonso Losa from Madrid. Flamenco and the Spanish arts have
been a part of the Lobero Theatre legacy, even before the founding of the FAF, with performances going
back to the 1950’s or even earlier with Andres Segovia (classical guitarist), Jose Greco, Jose Manero,
Luisa Triana, Juan Talavera, Gino D’Auri (guitarist), Roberto Amaral, Lola Montes. Some of these artists
performed during OSD Fiesta, but it has been a long time since there has been a major flamenco
performance at the Lobero during Fiesta. This gives the community another great way to celebrate Fiesta
and enjoy world-class artists who are at the height of their careers. Alfonso Losa is experiencing
tremendous success with his latest production, and he is currently performing all over the world at some
of the most prestigious theaters and festivals. We are so lucky to be able to bring him to Santa Barbara
during this special time in Santa Barbara.

Our mission is to promote and enhance the art of flamenco, the Spanish traditions, culture, and history in
SB, and celebrate cultural diversity in the arts. Experiencing flamenco of this caliber engages us at the
most human level of excitement, drama and joy and transcends language and cultural lines.
We are returning to the performing arts scene with our annual programming and continuing our efforts to
enhance the long history of flamenco in Santa Barbara and build our mission-critical programs and events
to increase the understanding and interest in the art form.”


Pre-Concert Reception | 6:00 pm | Lobero Theatre Esplanade | Free to ticket holders

Gala Performance | Alfonso Losa Flamenco – West Coast Premiere of Flamenco: Espacio
Creativo | 7:30 pm | Lobero Theatre | $51-$106.

Award Presentation | Alberto Pizano Award for the Performing Arts presented to Javier
RodrÍguez Mañas, Consul in Charge of Tourism Affairs, Embassy of Spain, Tourism Office in
Los Angeles. This presentation is part of the gala performance and does not
require a separate ticket.

Gala After Party | 9:30 pm – midnight | Lobero Theatre Courtyard | Open to the community |
Events, artists, dates, and times are subject to change.
Tickets for the Gala Performance and the Gala After Party are on sale online at or by phone at

Dancer, choreographer, director
He is the most genuine current representative of the Madrid school of flamenco dance and the necessary
bridge between the masters and the new generations. In full artistic maturity Alfonso Losa has managed
to articulate his own language with which he is able to transmit the most authentic concepts of traditional
dance through the new dance codes of our days, of which he is one of the architects. Alfonso Losa has
managed to harmonize the austerity, verticality, and elegance of the Madrid school with a vertiginous
rhythm and prodigious body control. He is the most classical of the contemporaries and the most
contemporary of the classics.

Awards such as “El Desplante” (Festival de La Unión), the “Premio Güito por Soleá” of the National
Competition of Córdoba 2007, or the Best Dancer of the Spanish Dance and Flamenco Contest of Madrid
(twice) endorse a career of progress that has been observed and valued by artists such as Morente,
Tomatito, Gerardo Núñez, Enrique de Melchor, Niño Josele, Rubém Dantas and Montse Cortés, who
have summoned his company on stage. A master of the great masters (who come to his classes from all
over the world), Alfonso Losa is constantly searching for the immutable truths contained in flamenco and
does not negotiate with fashions. He creates new schemes without breaking the mold. He builds without
deconstructing. He works with authenticity. He dances as he is.

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