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A Dangerous Idea

Given that Cat Canyon overlays the Santa Maria groundwater basin, a primary source of drinking water in our county, it is a poor place to conduct this dangerous experimentation at any pressure.

Inartful but Not Inaccurate

Regarding supposed inaccuracies in Supervisor Das Williams’s letter to the Summerland community:

Twas Days Before Christmas

Twas days before Christmas, with money soon to be spent / Bank accounts and credit cards, will be drained to the last cent

Rx for Drug Prices

Drug prices have skyrocketed every year, and we can barely afford them.


On Thursday, America will celebrate Thanksgiving.

Not Even a Dead Russian Hooker

“It’s gonna take a dead Russian hooker at the bottom of the Hudson River before Republicans wake up.”

Cat Canyon Oil Projects Unaffected by Newsom’s Actions

Notably, the governor’s moratorium only applies to new extraction wells that utilize high pressure steam injection, which DOGGR claims restricts the moratorium to only the Cymric, McKittrick, Midway-Sunset, and Orcutt oil fields.

Real Fourth Estate

Who does a rent cap law or just cause eviction policy not bode well for?

Real Issues

An accused of a crime, including the president, is entitled to full constitutional rights of due process.


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