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Clean Energy: Nuclear

Missing from all discussion of clean energy was our single largest source of carbon-free electricity: nuclear.

Equality and Access

We celebrated the remarkable life of Marca Bristo who died on September 8, 2019.

Transgender Health

The Indy’s article on transgender health care in Santa Barbara is already having a positive impact on our collective public health.

Advocating Safer Passage

Aafety and historic resource preservation problems exist within the culturally rich, transportation artery of Los Olivos and Mission Canyon Roads from Mission Historical Park to Foothill Road.

Not Leash-Optional

I was very disappointed to read the recent article on Morro Bay as a pet-friendly getaway.

Vape Scape

I’ve been vaping since the early days, when it was originally referred to and called e-cigs.

Police Station Costs

verything about De la Guerra Plaza is wrong for our beautifully functioning, stable, educational, business friendly, family supporting, climate helping, large, Saturday Farmers Market.

The Oldest Girl

Leaning over my sink this morning / to let the juice run down the drain / from the white peach in my hand


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