Thanks for the Love

The Grateful Pets

Happy Thanksgiving! It is time to ask my animals what they are thankful for:

Stormy (11-year-old Aussie): I am thankful for Tina and how she gives me a bath. I like to be clean. I am thankful for my new herbal doctor because his herbs are making my stomach feel better. I am thankful for the cool air of this season.

Makia (15-year-old cat): I am thankful that each day I am still alive. I am a little afraid to die. I am thankful that you take the time to brush me. I am thankful for Lynda and how she takes care of us when you are not home. I am thankful that I have a warm bed to sleep on and I am thankful that Judy comes to clean the windows because it is so much nicer to look out a clean window than a dirty one.

Joey: (16-year-old cat): I am thankful for medicine that makes my thyroid better and that you take the time to give it to me. I am thankful for all the new toys you have bought us. I am thankful that I can still play and that I have a safe home to live at. I am thankful that there is love in the world, because if there wasn’t, we would all be sad.

Serafina (10-year-old cat): I am thankful for all the energy I have. I am thankful I have a healthy body and I am thankful that I have the ability to choose not to fight when another cat wants to. I realize that if I stop interacting with the other cat then the fight usually doesn’t happen. I am thankful for the birds that come to the yard and the rodents that live under the oak tree. They give me something to watch all day long. Can I be thankful for hummingbirds? Because I think they bring us good luck.

Bean (four-year-old bunny): I am thankful for carrot tops and being let out of my pen. I am thankful that I am so big the owls don’t want to eat me. I am thankful that I have eyes to see when there is danger outside, and thankful that I have a home that loves me and wants me to be happy. I wonder if the farmer who grows my carrot tops is a happy person? I wonder this because he makes such good food he should be proud of himself. I am also thankful for the woman who supplies us with my sweet treats and for Gloria who gives me hay. I have friends everywhere.

Maia (wolf-dog in heaven): I am thankful that I have surpassed all the dark dimensions and thankful I will be reborn a wiser soul. Some spirits are not thankful, just like some humans. The more thankful you are the more pure your spirit is. Being thankful is a feeling that even here you sometimes have to remember. I am thankful for the meditative state. It is there that I rest. I am thankful for that kind of rest because it is there that my soul grows. I am thankful that my mom still remembers me. We in heaven know when we are remembered with love.

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