PRESS RELEASE / ANNOUNCEMENTS Saturday, April 27, 2013

Das Williams’ Anti-Wildlife Cruelty Bill Moves to Senate

Proposed law would regulate nuisance wildlife trapping

California Assemblyman Das Williams’ Assembly Bill 789, which would regulate cruel practices used by the nuisance wildlife trapping industry, received overwhelming support from the Assembly and now moves to the Senate for a vote.

The Assembly voted 76-0-3 to support the bill, designed to protect California wildlife from egregious cruelty.

“It is our shared responsibility to avoid the cruel and inhumane killing of our wildlife,” Assemblyman Williams said. “It is incumbent upon us as compassionate people to treat all wildlife, whether considered nuisance or not, humanely.”

Private nuisance wildlife control operators (NWCOs) provide trapping services to consumers for a fee under the auspices of damage control. Some practices employed by these trappers are particularly egregious and result in the needless suffering and death of thousands of animals each year.

The bill includes important provisions aimed at protecting domestic pets from being inadvertently killed in Conibear kill traps and outlaws the most heinous methods of animal killing, such as drowning, chest crushing, and injection with toxic chemicals such as nail polish remover.

Williams said he considers it basic human decency to treat all animals humanely.

“We share this planet with wildlife,” Williams said. “We must respect and manage our ecosystem in a responsible way.”

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