A Perfect Moment

Not too long ago I was digging in the trash and on this day I was real excited, doing a real badger on this can. I hit a vein of beer cans that kept going all the way to the bottom. So I’m totally misbehaving by winging cans over my shoulder and making a racket. A total lowlife I was. As I get towards the bottom, the air is getting a little stale and I’m sweating a fair amount. So I squeeze my way out and as I’m dripping sweat and trying to regain my focus, I find that I am staring at a mother with her maybe five-year-old daughter. They are standing there staring at me. One was a miniature of the other. I believe their jaws were slack.

I’m a little embarrassed, but not too much because I’m really happy. That was a two- or maybe a three-dollar pop. I don’t know how the mother-daughter conversation went after that but I have a feeling that the mother used this as a valuable tool to get her daughter to eat well, brush her teeth, do her homework, get to bed on time, and be kind to others.

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