Mission Creek Biodiversity

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On the cover of this week's Independent is an illustration of the upcoming "BioBlitz" at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. The illustration by Kelly Kennedy includes a number of creatures, some hidden but most not-so-hidden. The Botanic Garden is offering prizes to those who can find all of the creatures. First place will get a one-year family membership to the Garden and a BioBlitz t-shirt. Second place will get a six-pack of passes and a BioBlitz coffee mug. Third place will get a four-pack and a mug. (If there's a tie, winners will be selected at random.) And then The Indy will throw in some t-shirts and coffee mugs to others who can locate all of the big and little beasts. Can you find them all?

This contest has ended. The questions and correct answers are shown below.

  • How many creatures did you find?


  • How many birds did you find?


  • How many fish did you find?


  • How many mammals did you find?


  • How many reptiles and amphibians did you find?


  • How many crawling bugs did you find?


  • How many flying bugs did you find?


The tie breaker was: What year was the Botanic Garden founded?

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