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If you've ever received a friendly call from someone at The Independent wanting to ask you a "really dumb question," chances are that caller was Jean Yamamura, one of The Indy's proofreaders and copy editors. It wasn't so long ago that the copy editors frequently made calls to do research. And for those details too complicated to deal with over the phone, they hoofed it to the library to conference with the reference librarians (formerly our best defense against stray facts and to whose vanished occupation we owe a lot).

Yamamura has been a rapt reader of The Independent since its early days, which coincided with her stint at UCSB. Several years' studies in comparative literature later and after various odd jobs with a handful of Santa Barbara publications, she landed at The Indy. When not hunting for obscure facts online, she raises children, chickens, and too many ducks. And never answers the phone.

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