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Posted on August 9 at 6:19 p.m.

When the gas prices are going up, it doesn't make sense to restrict oil drilling and oil production along the central coast.
Tax shortage and loss of jobs in Santa Barbara County should make people reliaze that we need the oil production to offset losses of tax money sent to Santa Barbara County.
Its ok for drilling in North County but not in South County?
Then it should be ok to add 50 cents per gal on your gas in the City of Santa Barbara to offset loss of tax revenue. Sound ok with me.

On Anti-Oil Activists Urge Carp City Hall to Fight Oil Proposal

Posted on August 9 at 4:03 p.m.

This fire area hasn't burnt since 1955 and needs a good burn. What good is old rutted brush that don't hold any water back and is just sitting there waiting for someone to start a fire or lightning to strike.
All this area is used by the landowners buddy's private hunting and they probable started it. They should be the responsible party.
Taxpayers shouldn't be paying for this if we can't use it.

On La Brea Fire Doubles in Size Overnight

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