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Posted on March 27 at 1:57 p.m.

I Also had problems with ADHD - was diagnosed with i was about 17, marijuana help largely with hyperactivity and allowed me to focus as well as kept me from disrupting the rest of the class nearly as much, i know that most people dont agree with allowing minors to medicate with marijuana, but i had proof with my Grades and responces from my Teachers that i was MUCH more managable while medicated with marijuana and got 3.7+ GPA (prior with my hyperactive lack of focus, around 2.0 GPA)

now i can get the same results with xanax and prozac, but honestly i feel marijuana has much less side effects and is much more effective while in turn also helps with many other problems ive got mostly with pain and some nerve....

why take many medications when one covers most, also less worry of mixing the medications, we may say dont mix this with that but 90% of the time its because thye dont know what the result can be. well why take your chances....marijuana is much safer

ramble ramble... ok i could go on forever, sorry...

On Santa Barbara Cannabis Clubs Get Official Ordinance

Posted on March 27 at 1:49 p.m.

god damnit, i have serious chronic pain/fibromyalgia and the central coast (San luis obispo county) doesnt have any running clubs, so im basically forced out of town in order to get medicine that actually works for me (mixture works the best, same strain for long periods of time gets less results) ive had some horrible luck and terrible time over the last few months, trying to find somewhere to pick up my medicine - i finally get a good routine, jump on amtrak - down to santa barbara, walk to Sacred mountain (which wasnt cutting it, not enough flavors, not high enough grade flavors, over-potent edibles) but that was my only choice to walk to and get back on the train, then i found Pacific Greens, which was a godsend to me - i was able to go home with 10 different strains (only an 1/8th of each) to last me the month (where as i can go through an oz a week if its the same flavor) after my first freggin visit. im sooo happy i have a home to visit, even if its several hours and a train ride away, then i find this article, destroying my faith once again, for the 50th time or so, a quality club has been ripped from my grips and back to the low quality bad for your health shwag because the god damn govt wont leave alone the clubs that provide us with quality medicine that acutally HELPS our symptoms rather than exacerbate them......this phuking BLOWS, im sick and tired of this crap, leave our phukin clubs alone!

im also sick and tired of clubs being all about the phukin money, clubs need to start offering more than just a place to sell medicine, they should have gatherings and health discussions with liscenced physicians, classes on how to grow your own, meetings for growers and tradesmen to get together an trade their flavors and medicine for other services.... isnt this what a CO-OP would normally be about?

Phuk the police raids and gov bullcrap ruining our lives, our lives are bad enough in suffering without having to jump through hoops for our medication......
--FRustrated beyond belief

On Santa Barbara Cannabis Clubs Get Official Ordinance

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