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Posted on July 2 at 7:38 a.m.

'Ukrainian military forces shell Kramatorsk'

Click directly above for just a small sampling of what occurred in southeast Ukraine last night, while we all slept in our warm beds — i.e. *not* huddled in a dank basement with dozens or hundreds of others, having not eaten for days or weeks, wondering whether the *residential* building over our heads will collapse, burying ourselves and our children alive, as it is deliberately shelled and mortared by — yes, vicious NAZIS — funded by the USA, trained by the CIA, and led by USA-based mercenaries (Blackwater, whatever its current name is, and others), each mercenary being paid up to $540,000 per year of our tax dollars.

Reports, video streams, and images from a wide array of independent media indicate that these USA-supported Nazis, as they promised they would do, are not just shelling and mortaring residential areas, but are also (1) deliberately destroying civilian infrastructure, such as water treatment plants and power plants, (2) systematically reducing entire towns and villages to rubble, (3) committing atrocities against civilians, (4) not allowing humanitarian aid to enter the region, and (5) not allowing civilians to leave the area.

Though not a COMBAT SITREP, the latest 'The Vineyard of the Saker' UKRAINE SITREP…

'Ukraine SITREP July 2nd, 12:33 UTC/Zulu: A first evaluation of the latest Ukie offensive on Novorussia'

… gives some reason for optimism, in particular, this:

"I have also noticed somewhat of a change in tone in the western corporate media. If the EU zombies are, again, threatening Russia with more (probably totally symbolic) sanctions, the western media seems to become aware of the plight of the civilian population of the Donbass."

The people of Europe, as well as *a few* in the USA, have known about, and resisted, this genocide for some time:

'UKRAINE: awakening to USA / EU / NATO lies; Germans resist USA Nazis; Kucinich; ANSWER; VFP petition'

(At the URL above, note particularly the first image.)

There's some indication, posted last night but *not yet confirmed elsewhere* as far as I can determine, that this USA-instigated and supported genocide may end soon:

'Obama Capitulates in Ukraine War: His Agents Seek Putin Peace Deal'

If it does not, for those who do not think this is all a joke, in the next comment I provide ten sites that, in about two minutes, one can load into a tabbed browser folder, so that with one click and 60 seconds or so spent at each site one can easily inform oneself of the most recent events there.

On Nothing New in the West

Posted on July 2 at 12:53 a.m.

DavyBrown wrote:
"your persistent refs to "Nazis" means I invoke Godwin's Law here"

Yes, 3000+ people dead, some by means of horrific atrocities, about triple that many maimed, and 100,000 to 300,000 driven from their homes is such a joke.

Your mother must be so proud.

On Nothing New in the West

Posted on July 1 at 9:20 p.m.

random_kook wrote:
"…The fight is not between people in Ukraine, it is between Russian Oligarchs who currently own them [gas pipelines and wells] and Western Oligarchs who mean to take them."

Certainly I agree with you on this, but I believe (and I'm not necessarily suggesting that you don't) it's a less fundamental element compared to the USA surrounding Russia since 1991, placing missiles right up on its borders, in an attempt to maintain the petrodollar [ ] as the world reserve currency forever — which isn't going to happen if history is any guide [ CHART: ].

Also, with the North Stream pipeline bypassing the Ukraine on the north, and the South Stream (Austria, right in the heart of Europe, just signed on a few days ago [ ] ) about to bypass it [ MAP: ] on the south — and the $400 billion Russia-China gas deal [ ] (that, like most deals among the BRICS bloc, will not use USA dollars) — I wonder how many Russian oligarchs care that these pipelines go through Ukraine, especially considering how much the USA has now destabilized that country.

Also, regarding the vicious Nazis: this is not hyperbole (and also not the first time the USA has backed Nazis in Europe [ ] ). The Nazis empowered by the USA in Ukraine are direct descendans of the Galician SS which, during WWII, were referred to as "the Nazis even Hitler was afraid of" [ ].

Perhaps this report, from six days ago, (' Ukrainian Successors to Hitlerite Wehrmacht Rape and Murder in Saurovka' [ ] ) might be considered not yet fully confirmed, but OSCE confirmed the bombing of the center of Lugansk by the Kiev junta Nazis…

[04:39] '"For Inna" - a video which should be circulated worldwide'

^ *** WARNING: extremely graphic live footage begins at [02:13]

…and there's very little dispute that the Kiev junta Nazis are responsible for the Odessa Trade Unions Building atrocity that deliberately burned 40 or more people to death [ ] or the Mariupol killings [ http://www.informationclearinghouse.i... ].

On Nothing New in the West

Posted on July 1 at 4:42 p.m.

I don't recall if 'The Nation' is supposed to be considered left or right — entirely because, as recognized now by a majority of the USA population according to recent polling, these distinctions are mostly irrelevant: the war between liberals and conservatives is a false divide-and-conquer dog-and-pony show created by the powers that be to keep the American people divided and distracted. The 99.9% (as represented by Occupy Wall Street, the TEA Party, and many others) vs. the .1% (as represented by the oligarch Koch Brothers, the oligarch felon George Soros, and many elite federal politicians) is more relevant.

For those who might still automatically trust USA-based media more than non USA-based media, even within the USA the silence regarding Ukraine is beginning to crack; here's a piece from 'The Nation,' posted yesterday:

'The Silence of American Hawks About Kiev's Atrocities'

"For weeks, the US-backed regime in Kiev has been committing atrocities against its own citizens in southeastern Ukraine, regions heavily populated by Russian-speaking Ukrainians and ethnic Russians. While victimizing a growing number of innocent people, including children, and degrading America's reputation, these military assaults on cities, captured on video, are generating pressure...

"We may honorably disagree about the causes and resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, the worst US-Russian confrontation in decades, but not about deeds that are rising to the level of war crimes, if they have not already done so.

" declaring an "anti-terrorist operation" against the new protesters, Kiev signaled its intention to "destroy" them, not negotiate with them...

"On May 2, in this incendiary atmosphere, a horrific event occurred in the southern city of Odessa, awakening memories of Nazi German extermination squads in Ukraine and other Soviet republics during World War II…

"…Historians will decide what the US government and the "democracy promotion" organizations it funds were doing in Ukraine during the preceding twenty years, but much of Washington's role in the current crisis has been clear and direct...

"Contrary to the incessant administration and media demonizing of Putin and his "agents" in Ukraine, the "anti-terrorist operation" can be ended only where it began—in Washington and Kiev…

"Poroshenko's "peace plan" and June 21 cease-fire may have seemed such an opportunity, except for its two core conditions: fighters in the southeast first had to "lay down their arms," and he alone would decide with whom to negotiate peace. The terms seemed more akin to conditions of surrender, and the real reason Poroshenko unilaterally ended the cease-fire on July 1 and intensified Kiev's assault on eastern cities…"

On Nothing New in the West

Posted on July 1 at 11:10 a.m.

Ken_Volok wrote:
"Let's just all ignore Russia's human rights abuses…"
"They won't condemn Russia's human rights abuses because they secretly support such abuses…"


Ken_Volok also wrote:
"..commenting here who are really American Neo-Fascists…"
"SS Wolves in sheep's clothing…"
"..the modern Coughlins…"
"There's been an influx of Bundy types here lately…"
"…outside fringers…"


On Nothing New in the West

Posted on July 1 at 9:11 a.m.

"...Santa Barbara City College is in the process of replacing its old racks with new San Luis Obispo Peak Racks..."

These are excellent — and even better that they're produced locally.

I'm sometimes more annoyed at crappy bike parking fixtures* than none at all.

* Or stupidly positioned: granted it's a very tight space, but note the effect of shifting the racks at the Milpas Trader Joe's just 12" or so; I always opt for the lamppost directly opposite ;-).

On Parking a Bike in S.B.

Posted on July 1 at 8:13 a.m.

I opened my first comment here (at June 29, 2014 at 8:29 p.m.) with a one-sentence excerpt from the article below.

Those sincerely interested in the genesis of the Ukraine conflict (which goes back at least to 1991, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union), might be interested in more from that article, with particular emphasis on petrodollar and energy issues.

Excerpts below are from:

'This Is Why Washington Has Sought To Create A Crisis In Ukraine'

"The American economy is already teetering on bankruptcy, with a total debt of $17 trillion, and spiraling. American bankruptcy and social implosion is an eventuality that is so far only postponed by the dollar’s continuance as the standard currency for international trade in fuel, and the de facto license for the US Federal Reserve to keep printing money way beyond any sound economic basis for doing so...

"The strategic danger for the US is twofold. Firstly, a close relationship between Moscow and Europe would remove the rationale for America’s military role in NATO and thereby its political influence in Europe. The second is that the European-Russian energy trade undermines the role of the American dollar as the world’s reserve currency...

"The development of Russian-European partnership would leave the US politically, culturally and economically isolated within no more than 25 years...

"Central to the American rationale was, and continues to be, the issue of energy fuel. Washington does not want to see European and Russian economies integrating on the vital issue of trade in oil and gas, the foundation for economic and social development...

Over the past two decades since the end of the Cold War between the US-led West and the former Soviet Union, Europe and Russia have seen substantial alignment of their economies, primarily due to the enormous oil and gas volumes supplied by Moscow. European-Russian bilateral trade is well over $1 trillion annually, and is some tenfold that of US-Russian trade...

"With the new pipelines of the North Stream and the currently constructed South Stream, the role of Russia as the main energy supplier to Europe is set to grow even more over the coming decades...

"This trend was always seen as a strategic danger by Washington. It can be argued that the Cold War from 1945 to 1990 was deliberately instigated by the US as a bulwark to counter the naturally inclined trade integration between Europe and Russia, owing to the latter’s prodigious energy reserves and its continental proximity...

"This is the background to why Washington has sought to create a crisis over recent events in Ukraine. Washington has played the key role in fomenting regime change in that country, which has seen the rise of an unelected fascist junta in Kiev that poses a serious threat to Russia."

On Nothing New in the West

Posted on June 30 at 11:41 a.m.

For those interested in Ukraine, here's another excellent background piece, an interview with Francis Boyle, a USA-based Russian expert, magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, currently professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law ( biography: ).

I've included, in the excerpts, material which may shed light on where Crane School history teacher Dan McCaslin's Russia views may be coming from.

'Prof. Francis Boyle: The Brown (Shirt) Revolution In Ukraine'


"I’ve been to Ukraine and...I went through the same PhD program at Harvard that produced Zbigniew Brzezinski before me and Richard Pipes, both of whom were, are ardent Russia haters...

"I had Pipes for imperial Russian history, again, another expatriate Pole who hates the Russians with passion. Pipes was so bad in his course on Imperial Russian history, he used to break into sweat when he was lecturing on Peter the Great or Catherine the Great and had to take a handkerchief out of his pocket and wipe his brow…

"And that is really part of the problem here in the United States, when it comes to Russian studies, that so much of it is biased against Russia inherently."

"It is a fact that since 9-11-2001, the US Government has been in the business of destroying countries and using NATO as it principle instrument. That was stated more than a decade ago by then US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and later by General Wesley Clark. The Pentagon drew up a list of 7 states that were to be destroyed: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria and they have systematically proceeded to destroy all of the Countries on the list. The strategy in Ukraine is the same, US/NATO/EU are promoting the destabilization and the breakup of Ukraine in order to achieve the NATO goal of moving into Ukrainian territory closer to Russia…

"So, I think this really has to be understood in terms of the gradual movement of NATO further to the east in violation of the pledge that George Bush Senior and Jim Baker gave to then President Gorbachev that if he agreed to the reunification of Germany, NATO would move no farther east, towards Russia’s boundaries...

"Well, this I think is part of their plan to see the crackup of the Russian Federation, at the end of the day...

"As we know from the [Victoria] Nuland [current USA Assistant Secretary of State, former chief foreign policy advisor to Dick Cheney] tape here with the Ambassador in Kiev, she admits they had spent at least $5 billion right away now trying to promote opposition to the democratically elected government in Ukraine…"

On Nothing New in the West

Posted on June 30 at 11:06 a.m.

Ken_Volok wrote:
"Nature hates a vacumn [sic]. Jarvisjarvis [sic] is a vacuous blogger."


On Combating Homelessness with Hard Facts

Posted on June 30 at 10:59 a.m.

Ken_Volok wrote:
"Yet Tieber doesn't condemn anti-LGBT violence nor violence against religeous minorities inside Russia and oppression of women...."

On Nothing New in the West

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