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Posted on April 22 at 7:51 p.m.

Many people can ride a bicycle but few do for regular transportation because they are impractical. To get people out of cars get them onto scooters or reasonably sized motorcycles. As any seasoned rider will tell you motorcycles are much safer than bicycles in traffic.

On Your Earth Day resolution?

Posted on April 22 at 7:18 p.m.

Ditto what Den said, including the long time in the saddle. He's got it right.

In their defense, Cops do have many job related distractions beyond those of a normal rider. Additionally, they ride very large, relatively unwieldy bikes. Leave yourselves some wiggle room buddies.

On One Officer Hospitalized After Two Motorcycle Cops Collide

Posted on April 17 at 9:57 a.m.

There is no option for the city to halt growth/density as they must operate under state mandate which forces ever increasing population density without regard for the local environment.

Better to address Das on these issues as the control rests with the state legislature not the City Planners. City Planners are in the unenviable position of trying to keep all parties happy.

The plan was initiated in 1969. Time to revise it in light of realistic expectations concerning survivability/sustainability.

It is well past time for Real Estate Developers to take a back seat.

Please see:

On The South Coast: A Tale of Two Workforces

Posted on April 16 at 3:25 p.m.

Comparisons between flotopia and this cleanup project are senseless drivel.

The harbor, which looks pretty clean now from the surface, was once filled with oil production activity. No one had yet heard of "the environment". Turds floating about on the surface.

"Harboring" an attitude towards individuals who have found some measure of financial success is certain to derail you from the same.

"College kids having fun" You are advantaged to be attending college. Man up, don't blow it kiddies. Time is fleeting.

On Diving for Debris

Posted on April 16 at 1:47 p.m.

I have had various cell phones since 1984. Never had any significant issue reaching 911. Be patient, don't panic.

The system may be imperfect but it is definitely an improvement compared to no cell phones. In most cases you will receive assistance more quickly than in the past.

In one instance I happened upon a CHP officer who had been struck by a car while writing a citation. It was surreal to be calling CHP about a CHP officer down.

On S.B. Officials Peeved at State 9-1-1 Agency

Posted on March 25 at 6:18 p.m.

Cool Beans! The museum is a great community asset. Improvements facilitate science and nature learning experiences for more young people. Neighbors arrived long after the museum was instituted and must practice tolerance.

On Museum of Natural History Survives Neighborhood Challenge

Posted on March 4 at 10 a.m.

Are the owners of the fishing gear identifiable? Was the gear lost by local fisherpeople or migrant fishers? What percentage of the population needs to become vegan/vegetarian before there is no longer any fishing gear on the beach?

On Santa Cruz Island De-Trashed

Posted on March 2 at 10:28 a.m.

“Santa Barbara is full of destinations in close proximity but not close enough to walk,” and "given the elevation changes" and people's tight time schedules, another option is required.

That option is scooters. Bicycles are a nice idea and can fill some needs. The transportation solution is always presented a cars or bicycles which entirely overlooks the middle ground of Vespa type Scooters or motorcycles. They are the missing link.

People know intuitively that bicycles are not the total solution so they shut down to more bike lanes and surly bicyclists. Scooters fit right in without modification to roadways.

Anyone who can ride a bicycle can ride a scooter. They can go further in less time with less fatigue while still providing fresh air exhilaration.

Many job offers today seek the attribute of "attention to detail" or "detail oriented." If you are going to ride a bike or a scooter you need to be detail oriented to survive.

Scooters are actually safer than bicycles as they more closely follow the characteristics of cars, speed, acceleration and so forth.

This is the voice of experience speaking people. I have been riding bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and driving cars and commercial trucks for 45 years without mishap. Not only in Santa Barbra but Los Angeles surface streets and freeways as well. Pay attention to the details, never stop learning how to drive until you hang up the keys for good...

On Bike Sharing is Caring

Posted on December 11 at 12:01 p.m.

If I am not mistaken the muni course is watered with reclaimed water. There is a pipe and pump system that leads from the El Estero sanitation facility on East Yanonali Street over to muni.

On Drawing a Line in the Sand Trap

Posted on October 6 at 11:26 p.m.

I am calling out AutoCoalition as a bully much in need of anger management.

All of the other commenters made their points perfectly without stooping to your level of vile personal attack.

Santa Barbara has an "embarrassment of riches" when it comes to great psychotherapists. Please seek one out.

On Hidden Motivations

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