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Posted on February 3 at 5:12 p.m.

Lawyer and USMC combat veteran Marc Victor writes:
"I Am a Peaceful AR-15 Assault Rifle Owner"

On On Guns and Safety

Posted on February 3 at 3:53 p.m.

From a friend who read this and is a retired SWAT cop:

My career sounds almost identical to the writer of the article (same Presidents!) except I was a sergeant in SWAT and was a SWAT team leader for a substantially longer time than him, and policed in a metro area that led the nation in FBI Part 1 violent crimes for many of the years I was there, in a region that usually led the nation in most officers killed (Southeast). Boasting of his experience like he does is irrelevant - the depth of the reasoning is what's important.

He's just regurgitating the same tired myths.

He touches on the actual answer but, as so many do, he says most citizens can never be skilled as a cop, and especially as a tactical team cop, so citizens shouldn't have firearms for protection. Back home, we'd say he was "eat up with himself". The fact is, as you know, most cops are quite poorly trained and there are SWAT team members out there, even in this day and age, that have no business being on a team due to a weak skill set.

The reality is simple. Pat Goodale ( proves it with every class he teaches. The majority of people with the desire to learn, when given the chance, will develop an outstanding skill set and can be easily as capable in their firearms handling as the average LEO. This guy is just using the classic leftist M.O. of telling people they cannot do such a complicated task and so they must allow someone else like, oh, say, the federal government to do it for them. The Man still be holding people back! It's B.S.

I'll keep saying this. What would happen if the Federal government EMBRACED firearms ownership as it should? What would happen if they made firearms education and safety a part of every school's curriculum, offered tax breaks for the attendance of courses that met minimum standards, sponsored nationwide, basic firearms skills courses, and ran a long term campaign that urged people to get educated about firearms and get training? I'm betting the change would be profound if that was coupled with stricter enforcement of the laws we already have.

Developing a better mental health system would be huge, too.

Rant off.

On On Guns and Safety

Posted on February 3 at 2:52 p.m.

In England, when many guns were banned, the rate of burglaries of occupied dwellings went up 400% iirc, Robbers breaking in w/people at home because they knew they were unlikely to confront a gun. A very unpleasant way to wake up, as my friend Don will tell you. Don, a Vietnam vet, was asleep at home with his wife a few weeks ago. At 1am, he awoke to an horrific noise, someone was smashing through his front door. Two of the wooden panels were already smashed in and the guy was reaching in to the knob. My friend tried to stop him and nearly got his arm torn off. Because Don doesn't like or own guns, he ran to the kitchen to get a knife as the guy smashed on a window to climb in. Don stabbed the knife out the hole in the front door but didn't think he connected. His wife, panicked out of her mind, called 911, but they live in an isolated part of town, a bit hard to get to. Don guarded his wife and intermittently repelled the guy breaking in windows. When the deputies arrived, they had to Taser him 5 times to subdue him. He was bloodied... Don had connected with the knife. Turns out, he was the son of a neighbor, in his 50s (my friend is a small guy, and 65 yrs old), who had lived next door with his parents until being kicked out 25 yrs ago and Don had only seen him once since, after getting a restraining order because the guy had threatened Don's young kids. He had been in and out of jail/prison for dealing dope and other crimes and had just gotten out of prison 5 days before this attack, a 25 year psychotic grudge, fueled by drugs and rage. Don never ever saw it coming. He told me, "If the guy had gotten in the house, there's no way I could have fought him off. He might have killed both of us ... I think he would have." Now his wife wants to get a gun, as he travels (and just because) but he is on the fence. I told him to get a shotgun. The cops told him the same thing - get a gun. The madman is in jail on a $1mil bond, and they hope he goes back to prison.

You never know... I will never not have a home defense firearm. Variations on stories like this happen all the time in America

DOJ/BJS interviews with felons in prison reveal that they fear citizens and homeowners who are armed more than the cops. I've made my choice, but others can call 911 and ... wait. Think about going against a career criminal who's just spent the last 10 years pumping iron and learning to fight and use improvised weapons ... how's your skill? Or someone on PCP or meth who would need 4 cops to be subdued ... you want to fight someone like that? I don't, I am just not that tough. There is a reason why Castle Doctrine laws have passed in many places ... if you can't be safe in your home, where? Don barely stopped him, was injured in the process, and it very easily could have gone very wrong, he says. He said it was one of the most frightening experiences, and he is a combat veteran. Now his wife wants a gun.

On On Guns and Safety

Posted on February 3 at 2:49 p.m.

Claims like this by the author ring hollow (and which I presume are to make the argument that only cops should have guns): "These voices misunderstand the realities of gun shootings and grossly overstate the capabilities of regular citizens who do not benefit from the intense and frequent training of law enforcement officers."

Facts: The NYPD has 2 times per year firearms qualification only, I was just told by an ex-NYPD cop turned lawyer. It is neither very intense nor frequent. I have fellow competitor friends and avid cop shooters who go to the range 2 times WEEK. Qualifying twice a year doesn't build or maintain proficiency (shooting is a perishable skill, but dry-fire work helps) ... NYPD doesn't have the budget for that, nor do most agencies. So what you have is a majority of cops who are average at best with their guns. I have qualified (as a reserve LEO) and competed against them and I know this to be true. This is why, when you see police shootings, they often have a hit rate of less than 25%, sometimes, with some of those unguided missiles missing the target and going downrange. Shooting accuracy degrades under intense pressure and if your ability is average under no stress, it worsens greatly.

Many defensive uses of guns by civilians (some of whom also are also not too proficient) do not involve a shot being fired. In any case, the police cannot be there to protect you all the time.

On On Guns and Safety

Posted on February 3 at 2:47 p.m.

re the authors statement, "I carried an AR-15 in the trunk of my police car at all times. In my hands, the weapon was deadly from as far as 200 yards. I trained with the weapon often. I had first used its military counterpart – the M-16 – as a U.S. Marine when I was a teenager." >> USMC recruits have to qualify to 600 yards on their M16s ... maybe the author wasn't very skilled.

I can't even begin to address some of the things he claims, using his PhD and LE experience to nominate himself as an expert. (He spends a lot of time talking about his credentials, trying to establish who his opinion is more valid than the many I've read which disagree). There are other experts. I know at least half a dozen SWAT cops with mil experience and college degrees who would disagree on some of the major points he tries to make. NJ is a very gun-unfriendly state, by the way, but here is Newark Mayor Cory Booker making a bold statement saying that legal gun owners are not the problem.

This is what Mayor Booker isn't afraid to talk about by implication (and huge props to him for it), but the MSM and politicians are. Our social engineering programs and the legacy of a welfare state, poverty and poor schools, and before that slavery have created a violent culture.

On On Guns and Safety

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