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Posted on January 11 at 4:32 a.m.

It would be nice if Mr. Adam could experience an epiphany with that "different perspective" of the dais, but it's most likely temporary. But, gotta hope for the best. (And, like the Mel Brooks song, "Prepare for the worst"?)

On Up 'n' Adam

Posted on January 11 at 4:20 a.m.

Thanks, Matt. Good show. Lesson from your story: don't let that drink go undrunk. We all probably share missed opportunities of serendipitous friendships, and we're poorer for them. But it was great that you experienced the brief time with Huell that you did. He was our Tennessee version of Charlie Kuralt - showing us the better angels of our nature.

On Huell Howser: 1945-2013

Posted on January 11 at 4:06 a.m.

Yeah, Nick - those stupid-looking helmets don't work! Except when they do.
Enough testing the limits of your mortality, already. Hang around for awhile. For some silly reason, we need you. Or, in this case, should we say "stick around"? (I'll bet it was a friggin' Eucalyptus branch...)

On How Now, Bow-Wow?

Posted on January 2 at 12:44 a.m.

Oblati doesn't seem to mind exposing his/her own ignorance through his/her ad hominem twisting of Christine's fairly straight-forward piece. What deniers like him (probably) or her (less probably) won't do is to address the basic science of "greenhouse gases," accumulated and sequestered over millions of years and released into the atmosphere in a comparative eye-blink of time in the Fossil Fuel era (200+ years). Oblati's free time would be better spent reading credible atmospheric science than wasting everyone else's with his useless blathering.

On Facing Climate Change

Posted on December 24 at 10:54 a.m.

This raid on local assets by the state reaches far beyond Santa Barbara (yes, I know, it's hard to accept that it's not all about you). Many California municipalities have developed and own public parking facilities. Check out SLO as one example. If the state continues to usurp that which is local public property, other cities will be affected. SB has allies if it would use them - like the League of California Cities. Then, there's the courts. The rationale for public ownership of such resources is to keep them available to the wider public by keeping them as affordable as possible. Private parking lots in upscale communities like SB would be foreclosed to the poorer folk (Chevies, Hondas, old Fords). And what sort of redress do you think would exist at privately owned parking lots? Good luck...

On World Doesn't End — Second Time in Two Years!

Posted on December 20 at 9:15 a.m.

JohnLocke: On the face of things, you're probably right. But Ms. McCaw has never shown an interest in allowing the paper's reporters to practice honest investigative journalism leading to conclusions she wouldn't support. Remember the Channel Islands "controversy" McCaw created about eliminating feral pigs? Remember the rabid lap dog, Travis Armstrong, she hired to perform hatchet work on the editorial pages? Her behavior has been so consistently toxic that there is no earthly reason to believe that the NP could ever recover while she owns it. That is also a logical conclusion...

On Wendy's Win

Posted on December 19 at 4:06 a.m.

Thank you, Melinda, and all the other true journalists who stood up for themselves and for all of us who read their work. You're all true heroes. I'm no longer living in SB, but I became a NP boycotter in 2006 before moving away. In addition to those who live in SB County never buying another edition of the paper, however, here's a another suggestion: call the advertisers who still do business with McCaw and tell them that as long as they continue supporting her, you can't and won't buy anything from them. And then create an alternative list of retailers who don't advertise in the NP. And don't forget to thank and support the Independent which provides a platform for truth and dissent in Santa Barbara.

On Wendy's Win

Posted on September 3 at 12:32 a.m.

While I may agree that the USADA process was outwardly ham-handed, I don't believe it was wrong. I'm close to someone who was a competitive cyclist during the Armstrong era, and my source mentored at least one rider who rode with Armstrong (and is still riding). It has been a poorly kept "secret" among professional cyclists that Armstrong was a "user" - and that Dr. Michele Ferrari, who also doped the '96 Italian Olympic riders to a team pursuit medal, was Armstrong's enabler. It is not true, however, that all US cyclists during those years succumbed to doping; there were more than a few who stayed clean because they were honorable and also suspected what the physical consequences were in the use of drugs like EPO and other performance-enhancing drugs.

On The Lance Armstrong Case

Posted on March 2 at 7:41 a.m.

Hmmmm....perhaps this is the way to overcome man's historical nostril-flaring, temple-throbbing fascination with the female body: over-exposure. But that would require co-ed Nekkid Yogurt classes. What a hoot...

On ‘Om’ Em Gee: I Did Naked Yoga

Posted on February 24 at 7:51 a.m.

The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow, especially when the grit of too-much money, unearned, is thrown in its gears. Fortunately, history will record Mr. Roberts as the hero in this tragedy (along with the many reporters who stood up to tyranny), and Ms. McCaw as someone whose expensive education didn't succeed in instilling an understanding or appreciation of American journalism. Hers is a sad story of hubris, and there's never enough money to paper over the inner loneliness of never knowing whether any of her 'friends' love her for who she is rather than for the money of divorce. That's called Karma.

On Editor Wins, McCaw Loses

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