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Posted on October 28 at 10:59 a.m.

Identifying demands will be the easy part. Getting people to understand the problem is the hard part.
The wake up call is for us, the 99% to recognize that our interests are being held hostage by the dominant 1%. That 1% continues to take our tax dollars, manipulate our votes and compromise our future. Meanwhile they love it when we 99% squabble amongst ourselves.
Here is a perfect list of squabbles provided by
"...Or the war that so many supported back when Bush first started it, or the illegals that are now eligible for school loans in CA, or our youth that we have raised to think that they are too good to start at the bottom and work their way up who would rather be unemployed and homeless than work and put that money back into the economy, etc. It is not all about the banks..."

On This Is Not Your Daddy’s Protest

Posted on September 2 at 5:57 p.m.

I like to imagine that I "vote for the best candidate" and that political leadership is paying attention to "important stuff." Nick rightly wonders " how government regulators could have turned such a sustained blind eye to the kamikaze lending practices that triggered the economic collapse." (of the World, my addition). Well, probably, because the politicians were enmeshed in the same kinds of shenanigans that occupy Santa Barbarians who are demanding a Blue-Line litmus test. Even today.
It was a temporary, zero cost artsy project people, get over it.
By the way who was the artist that came up with it? Let's give credit where credit is due.
About the school busses: they are paid for by the school district. California schools are the second poorest in the Nation. I think Alabama is poorest. Then California. Then the other 48 States rise above our ashes.

On I Yap, Therefore I Yam

Posted on August 19 at 10:10 a.m.

Does Sanchez get to keep his $500,000 loan/gift the City gave him to buy a house?

On Trojan Dogs

Posted on July 18 at 6:17 p.m.

O'Conner has growled at nearly every Trustee meeting and declared that he will personally lead the charge to unseat any Trustee who fails to praise Serban. His threats are backed by the angry chorus of union employees who hint at work "slow downs" and other punitive tactics.
This sour grapes gang has no interest in students and less knowledge of budget realities.
Trustees need to focus on the budget and their duties to the taxpayers. Their job is made almost impossible by Serban's refusal (or, worse, inability) to provide accurate fund accounting. It is unfortunate that this President must be removed in order for the Trustees to do their job.
Unfortunately Serban's pattern of padding union jobs and kicking out students is not what the Community wants or needs.

On SBCC Trustees Accused of Brown Act Violation

Posted on July 1 at 7:28 p.m.

Randy Rowse's announcement is good news. Rowse's appointment may be one of the best City Council motions ever made by Grant House. Randy is a Santa Barbara business owner and long, long time resident. This is a good combination for City Council. Especially when the municipal piggy bank is busted open and every penny must be counted. (frills can wait)
On the larger political machine: I am not sure that Sharon Byrne is a wise substitute for Dale. Especially on a slate where M. Self needs ballast. Just my opinion.

On Rowse Declares Candidacy

Posted on June 22 at 10:43 a.m.

The Airport project is beautiful It will finally be "finished" when the historic terminal is integrated, as planned, into the expanded building some time in the next few months. On time and under budget.

On Airport Unveils New Terminal Building

Posted on June 13 at 12:06 p.m.

The Trustees must stand firm on the hiring chill. The Board should be praised for being willing to take this level of responsibility. The fact that the motion was withdrawn and a subsequent weaker motion voted upon should be reconsidered immediately. Why would anyone accept, sight unseen, Serban's claim that an "unofficial policy" had saved $13.6 million? Preposterous. Show us the numbers. Perhaps it was a slew of cuts to part time faculty and other classroom based "low hanging fruit.". Meanwhile the beauracracy gets fatter.

On City College Gets a Budget…Sort Of

Posted on May 30 at 5:48 p.m.

Eastbeach? I hope you are not a SBCC Trustee or someone from whom a SBCC Trustee takes special counsel. Your reference to Tier 3 money? That is K-12 money! Not College level.
You are such a funny Troll! You send us on wild goose chases that do not support anything. No more treats for you.
Pop Quiz for anyone else who is interested: When the K-12 schools got control of their T-3 money back from the State, what did they spend the money on?
A: Many of the schools spent it on restoring arts, writing and music.

On Performance-Review Campaign

Posted on May 27 at 12:04 p.m.

5-27-11 SBCC draft

Luis Villegas showed poor leadership by postponing the formation of a task force to research options for funding Continuing Education. This is not controversial. Everyone agrees that some fair formula for combining State funds, donations and student fees is overdue.  His fumbled motion is another example of the old Board's way of creating disfunction and divisiveness. And avoiding real issues. 

As for English Professor Monda. Clearly you are not reading the ARCC submission regarding your own department.  The Chancellor's Office report identified an area of concern for the past three years in the low numbers of students progressing from basic skills courses and transitioning into college level work. In the past SBCC has been in the high ranks of its peer institutions.   But not since Serban's arrival.  These past three years for example, on average, it takes a student three years to get from their entry level skills to the college level course which is ENG 110. 
Three years? To get ENG 110?  How is a student supposed to get prepared for transfer?  For a next level writing class?  Or a business writing class?

If this is your evidence of success "working with Dr. Serban" I ask the English Department to "first take the plank out of your own eye."

The longer Serban stays, the more SBCC's hard-won status will plummet. A vote for Serban is a vote for bloated bureaucracy. I do not want my tax dollars supporting mediocracy when I know we have and can do better. 

On A Campus Divided

Posted on May 25 at 5:55 p.m.

Hey, whatsername, Survey Monkey is a good idea! I hope the BOT are listening But, also, Public Hearings are still important for this kind of discussion. Let's have one where the community can gather: how about a BOT meeting at the Schott Center? We are talking about our tax money and the multiple millions of bond dollars that voters approved (under previous SBCC leadership).
Serban is clueless about how to protect and spend bond money. Check the proposed budget and see for you self.

On Performance-Review Campaign

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