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Posted on November 14 at 10:52 a.m.

Congrats to Professor Eskandari! One of my favorite teachers at SBCC

On SBCC Professor Wins National Award

Posted on November 27 at 11:52 a.m.

Excerpt from this opinion piece: "It truly breaks my heart to say I’ve never felt so unsafe calling myself an American Jewish student in the UC system, one of the leading university systems in the world."

Dear author, please don't equate being an American Jewish student with being pro-Israeli. Do you feel disrespected because you're Jewish/Israeli, or because of your pro-Israeli and pro-Zionist political views? There are many of us Jews who are not pro-Israeli, and I don't appreciate that you're equating these two things as being one. This is a public university and you should allow for dissenting views to your political opinions. What you claim to be anti-semitism is an incorrect characterization, it's dissenting political views.

On Defense of Israel

Posted on November 27 at 11:12 a.m.

I like to speak numbers, because numbers are facts. In 1947, even after ship-loads and ship-loads of Jewish people arrived in that region, the populations were as follows (according to estimates from a source with pro-Israeli biases) 65% Non-Jewish (1,200,000), and 35% Jewish (650,000). In 1882, before the ship-loads, there was only a community of 24,000 Jews living in that region! The region was divided by an outside mandate through terrorism and financial pressures by Zionists on the English. The division of 1947 you speak of was never fair to begin with - 56% for Jews, 44% for Palestinians. That was why the riots began, because a large majority of the inhabitants of that region were being told by a foreign influence what to do with their land, not any hatred towards Jews or Judaism! This is a strictly political issue and has been falsely claimed in the media to be a never-ending Jewish vs Muslim issue.

Let's talk about today. Israel continues to violate UN resolutions one after another, with the whole world in anger except for the US which is subject to powerful AIPAC lobbyists in Washington which have our politicians into a bunch of sheep at the disposal of a foreign state. We're watching the American public being pulled into another war in the Middle East against Iran, when really Iran has showed any proof that they're currently developing nuclear weapons? Meanwhile, Israel is sitting on 300 nuclear weapons, and has shunned the UN of requests to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. The rest of the world has their jaw dropping, and you're complaining about a few bad things someone said about Israel's political actions? If Jewish students feel threatened being on UC campuses, then I encourage them to move to Texas where those evangelicals and their blind support of Israel will make them feel at ease again with the atrocities the Zionists are committing in the name of religion. I myself am Jewish and won't stand for this any longer. American Jews have every right to be upset, because Israel is taking all their tax dollars. We're slashing across the board, but the one area that no politician dares to mention is cutting some foreign funding to Israel, in fact we have added to it!

On Defense of Israel

Posted on November 27 at 9:46 a.m.

I agree with residentSB. It's not the Israeli people at all, it's strictly the Israeli government and it's this strict brand of religious nationalism called Zionism.

Despite what you may have heard from your parents, the Israeli government is the most racist government in the world, comparable to apartheid South Africa! The number of UN resolutions that Israel has violated in it's treatment of Palestinians and other nations is appalling, and the only country who provides Israel a lifeline on the world-stage is unfortunately us (just look at how many times the US has used it's veto power to strike down these widely-popular UN resolutions, 65 times!). Our media here at home has a very pro-Zionist agenda and has fooled us into thinking that Israel's actions are always in self-defense, when really they're usually the aggressors and have made Gaza into an entire internment camp by instituting food blockades. We can see today that ever since 2000, the ratio of the number of Palestinians killed to the number of Israeli's killed is 7 to 1. In that same time period, 1476 Palestinian children have been killed, compared to 126 Israeli children. What kind of self-defense is this that US tax-payers are paying $8.2 million/day to fund Israel?

Jewish and Muslims in Palestine got along just fine back in the early 1900's, but it was the creation of the state of Israel with it's religious agenda which has caused this huge rift. Just imagine if Israel was never formed and Palestine was changed into a Muslim state, that would have been equally bad! Just compare Pakistan to India. Secular states have always been better because they provide equal rights to their citizens, regardless of religion.

You shouldn't let the rise of anti-Zionism in America affect you as a person, because you will always be a proud Jewish person and people saying bad things about Israel should never be seen as negative towards your faith, and I think a lot of people need to realize that being Jewish and being pro-Israel are two completely separate things. Many of the high religious figures in Judaism outright condemn the actions of the state of Israel. There's still a lot of Texas folks that still need to be brought to light, and I'm optimistic because us Americans have always stood with freedom and fairness, and the state of Israel doesn't treat it's 26% Muslim population anything like it's Jewish population.

I encourage you to visit the website, it has a lot of facts and numbers regarding the number of people who have died, UN resolutions, etc.

On Defense of Israel

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