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Posted on September 18 at 10:22 a.m.

Every time, I play the Lottery, I look forward to the big win and then returning to Goleta and becoming Mayor....NOT!

On Incumbents Run Unopposed

Posted on September 18 at 9:03 a.m.

This doesn't seem to work well anymore also it sets you the writer for either failure or to be tarnished by their bad choices or actions. I was told that a name drop at an interview would be helpful but that was useless if not a negative towards myself. I now have learned that both diminish your character as you have to rely on someone of much better character attempting to promote you. This letter writing, seems to be really big in Politics but then again that in itself is self-explanatory in itself, honesty<politician=fantasy...

On Omission vs. Commission

Posted on September 17 at 11:50 a.m.

Got to admit, there ain't nothing else growing out there, why not build a Solar Farm and raise Electricity!

On Cuyama Solar Project Gets Green Light

Posted on September 15 at 11:48 a.m.

I frequented those cliff's back in the day (1981-1989), great exploratory times back then (No chemicals included). @tabatha, the Property line extends to the waters edge.

On Student Injured in More Mesa Cave-In

Posted on September 12 at 9:05 a.m.

Great "In Action", photo's, Mr. Ford.

On Foothill House Fire Doused Quickly

Posted on September 5 at 11:59 a.m.

I remember ADA De Bellefeuille, who taught Administration of Justice classes at SBCC in Court Proceedings and Judicial Law. Thank you, Denise!

On Big Changes on Bench

Posted on September 4 at 12:19 p.m.

As an Active "Open Carry" Gun Owner, I approve both Gun Bills for the Safety of the Public.

I also live in a Pro-gun State (Virginia), and work for the Pentagon and several other Government agencies and have both been unarmed and armed, and I support these two bills (the one spoke of in this article).

Unlike most American's I was evaluated by a Psychologist and Sociologist before I was allowed to carry a firearm (I had to prove that I was sane enough NOT to be a danger to myself or others).
Many American's just have to hand over money to own a gun, there is no mandated operational training, No mandated safety training and NO evaluation to prove that you won't go out and kill another on the grounds you have ill feelings toward them.
Yes, it is a RIGHT to own and keep in possession firearms, be it a flintlock ( or Crew served high capacity armor piercing/high explosive guns like the M134 Minigun; (
The Problem lies in the fact that most use the Movie or TV to give them training and education in the operation and safety of their new toy (Masculinity) but the truth is they are a "Death looking for a Target". As for the Law, it was written not just against an oppressive Government but in the defense of the Country and our Government. The Militia consisted of every able body owner protecting the Country from invasion, these Gun owners possessed a rifle for hunting and the difference between hunter and Militia is where you point the barrel at; animal or fellow human.
The Law was to cover every conceivable firearm from the one at the time to today's multi-fighter assault rifle with its 100 round Beta Mag, and grenade launcher (although our founding fathers never thought one of those would ever exist). The one thing they left open was under what circumstances would a firearm was deemed safe in a persons hands and that my fellow commentators is the flaw of our system, under present interpretation, everyone is safe to possess a firearm (except Felons but even that is changing).
This Law will evaluate that flaw and depending on everyone's state of mind, will depend who gets to possess a firearm.

On ‘Elliot Rodger’ Bills Pass Legislature

Posted on September 3 at 8:11 a.m.

Gawd... You are so right, Mr. McCaslin. I need a Brain Vacation in Nature, after living in the Pentagon's reactive world of be-headings, holy wars and impending doom, a vacation in nature sounds like what the Doctor Ordered but with 90% humidity and 100 degrees of Metro DC, I'll have to wait another week or two, or until both the humidity and heat cool and dry off.
When my address was Goleta, Ca. I would bike along Cathedral Oaks Rd. to Foothill Rd., and then to Mission Canyon to reach Los Canoas Rd. and onto the Rattlesnake trail.
I would choose the creek over the trail due to the terrain which was much more challenging and quieter, away from other people and their dogs, the sound of the babbling brook water was relaxing and soothing but even during the Drought of the Late 80's, the sound of the wind through the leaves of the trees was like music in my ears.
I was away even though you could look out to the city I was miles away and that was the beginning of my little vacation. The hike of rock hopping, playing with water spiders, and the occasional wild front country animal felt like I was the only person in the area.
I would sit on the third waterfall and listen to the water cascading over the rocks and stones on its long way toward the ocean, the wind fluttering the leaves of the trees sounded like a set of low snare drums constantly beating and teasing my ears. The smell of the moss and the earthy aromas relaxed me and the sun slowly climbing out of the sky was the mercy my brain longed for but in time it all has to end.
The ride back to town was tasking but to know that in my backyard, I could return and release the tension of the week and the trials of busy life to nature and be ready to deal with mans petty demands was only until next weekend was the true quest.

On Water Odyssey

Posted on September 1 at 12:35 a.m.

There were 9/11 attacks in 2001? Gosh! I must have forgot that as my life revolves around my Facebook and I-phone 24/7. Oh Look! The Kardashian's have posted Party pic's on Twitter! I was so preoccupied with my PED and swilling down my Starbucks Coffee...ah, were we at War with some-no-name, far flung Muslim Country? Oh look I received a Hashtag to a Vapid Party!

On Wake Up, America

Posted on September 1 at 12:24 a.m.

"Twice, he notes, uninvited, inebriated renters have barged into residents’ homes", gets you shot and the survivors charged with 'Home Invasion', not to mention the Landlord/Renter also get sued for a list of Damages to the property.

On The Gorilla in the Vacation Rental

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