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Posted on December 26 at 1:09 a.m.

AT LEAST: Where an incumbent Member of Congress LOIS CAPPS "clearly does NOT get it" - Writer & UCSB journalism lecturer JERRY ROBERTS "does"!


On It's the Economy, Stupid

Posted on December 21 at 5:42 a.m.

First lecture in most students' freshman year college "Statistics 101" courses: LEARN HOW TO 'lie' WITH NUMBERS!

Sounds like both tenured UC faculty and the CAL 'System' administrators were present for that lecture, during that lower division class day!

LESSON earlier LEARNED, then later APPLIED - in our time.

IRONICALLY & with POTENTIALLY with some FATAL CONSEQUENCES for the future of CA higher education = AND ON OUR DIME, too!

On UC Budget Numbers Don't Add Up, Scholars Claim

Posted on December 21 at 5:30 a.m.

OH-SO-TYPICAL environmentalists' [a.k.a. "TREE Huggers"] tactic = When 'under scrutiny' &/or attack - - e.g. their own partisans potentially facing jail time & financial restitution (for starting the "Jesusita" fire) - THEN use an "approach / avoidance" behavior by "opening a new front" on totally un-related policy issues with equally spacious validities!


The Environmental Nazis' Intention is transparent = Divert the public's attention from "Jesusita" fire accountabilities, by maintaining 'an endangered fish' is not safe enough, during fire-fighting operations.

Next strategem which the tree huggers, ironically, shall take - DENY that this is their true intent! That is supposed to close the debate! IT WON'T!

DON'T let them get away with such nonsense!


Truly missed by this "blatantly bogus issue" - raised by self-proclaimed, pure-of-intention environmentalists - is simply this = WITHOUT OUR FIRE FIGHTERS and FIRST RESPONDERS, then they'd have NO TREES to HUG!

End of debate!

On Firefighting Under Fire

Posted on December 18 at 4:33 a.m.

BUFFET's Dream is motivated - at least in part - by cash flow. Each time AMTRAK PASSENGER trains run between Los Angeles and Oakland a fee is paid - TO FREIGHT rail owners. FREIGHT owns the tracks!

Looking ahead: The first high-speed rail link anticipated is between San Bernardino County [South of Barstow, near Apple Valley] and Las Vegas.

"The Father of CA High-speed Rail" is US Cong. JIM COSTA (D-Fresno) who remains THE authority on that topic inside the DC Beltway back East.

AS Western States move toward accepting, then implementing high-speed rail service: Time-sharing the rails is a feasible option: With passenger trains alternating with freight trains - on the same rails.

In Las Vegas, the 'shuttle' [mentioned above and with photo] along The Strip is automated - without engineers aboard! It is for tourists, primarily.

Another low cost transit option in Las Vegas is a multi-day pass using the local bus service - 24 hours on both days & nights with no restrictions for transfers during 72 hours (from time of original purchase) for a mere $7 cost! That's the total for three days and nights bus service in Las Vegas!

There was a time when the best bargains in Las Vegas for motels were the casinos. But no longer.

As book-keepers & bean-counters assumed casino 'management' [arguably], idiocy prevailed. I stay in national franchises of 'name' motel chains - and have found even 'Motel 6' to be a certifiable bargain.

I have "never been stiffed" by that chain in Las Vegas or elsewhere; and they are within walking distance of chain restaurants and bus stops.

By comparisons, casinos tie up your bank account from time of making the reservation.

In one untoward, notorious case of my personal experience a few months ago - after charging my debit card before check-in[!] on a reservation made 10-days previous, this casino raised the quoted room rate at time of check-in "because there's a car show in town"!

I left immediately, without check-in, then took the local bus -- bags in tow -- the short mile and a half to the nearest Motel 6 near the MGM Grand.

This casino 'treatment' just a few months ago, contrasted dramatically with New Year's Eve, 2008 -- when fears of low occupancy brought out the bargains in Las Vegas.

My son and his wife - who are true world class bargain hunters in Florida with 'frequent flyer miles to burn' - found spacious suites at The Venetian for only $39 per night!

THAT WAS A WOW! And over the New Years' Eve, 2008 weekend!

Four months later, the casinos were back to their old tricks and that city lost a lot of tourism.

Not to forget some abundant good will headed down the drain, too!

What a difference four months made.

On Railroad Futures

Posted on December 17 at 4:25 a.m.

THANK YOU, KEN and "DOC"! AND ALL THE OTHERS "behind the scenes", not doing out-reach! So ... WHERE's the VA outreach from West LA [Building 206 - the 'Comprehensive Homeless Outreach Clinic']? The current VA Secretary "says" there is a NEW well-funded "five year VA program to eradicate veterans' homelessness" in this country! ARE THEY?

On Need a Poncho, Partner?

Posted on December 14 at 2:58 a.m.

TRULY STRANGE LEGALISTIC "value structure" - OR its conspicuously noted absence - within an 'a-moral' DA office =

Starting a fire which destroyed 78 homes; eliminated more than 5,000 acres of U. S. Forestry land; disrupted thousands of local residents through mandated evacuations -- is a less serious crime ['misdemeanor'] in the eyes of the local DA -- than a returning Iraq War veteran, who 'righteously protested' the quality of VA medical and mental health care on a Highway 101 over-pass, which local law enforcement opted to shut-down that freeway for hours - "in the interests of public safety"!

MY GAWD, people!

For how much longer shall governments - at all levels - be allowed to continue running amok?

THEY REMAIN SEEMINGLY out-of-control, at all levels?

NEVER MIND that the US Veterans Administration [VA] continues to prescribe medications for PTSD diagnosed combat war zone vets WITH FATAL SIDE EFFECTS - without any criminal prosecution of the VA itself.

For evidence: Just see "The New England Journal of Medicine" (January 15, 2009 edition) and an article therein titled "Alternative Anti-psychotic Medications ..."!

THE 'status quo' - in this country IS TRULY SCARY!!

And precisely how does the VA next treat its wide-spread critics? By silencing them!

The VA response - with timely assists by local lawyers in this DA's office = Medicate those vet[s], then place them under lock-down in a VA psych ward - just like the former Soviet Union did with its notorious Gulag "re-education" camps during the Cold War!

For veterans still home-less - from the Asian [Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia] and other Middle East [Kuwait, Iraq] OR South Asian [Afghanistan, Pakistan] subsequent wars - who find themselves on Santa Barbara streets this Christmas = It sort of makes you wonder just "who the real enemy was" during that Cold War and afterward!

Were those 'enemies' overseas -- or were they here at the US, after our "home-comings"![?]!

On DA Explains Jesusita Fire Charges

Posted on December 11 at 7:51 a.m.

SEE MY [pending] posted two (2) comments @ the NOOZHAWK blog story today -- avoiding needless duplication.

HOPE-FULLY = The D. A. investigators HAVE ALREADY availed them-selves of THE QUITE ABUNDANT "PAPER TRAIL" - be it print, on-line and/or electronic (using those multiple T-V cameras for 'live' telecasts from several roofs in downtown SB and stationary ground-level views)!

It was my under-standing, at that time, that even The White House Staff was "tuned in" to the 'on-line TV' / real-time coverage, with radio reports from KFI's "1070 NewsRadio" (out of LA - with several rotating radio news reporters on-the-scene)!

THAT in anticipation of a Federal "emergency declaration" - after the CA Governor's 'de rigeur' on-site visit - including chats with victims evaculated to Goleta, near the local SB airport.

On Trail Gnomes Charged in Jesusita Fire

Posted on December 2 at 3:02 a.m.

SEEMINGLY ABSENT from this interview = Any mention of the BROTHEL "run by and for" Caesar Chavez in KEENE, CA - (Kern County) -- Along Highway 58, between Bakersfield and Tehachapi.

Some of the "ladies from that slavery ring" were my former college students in Bakersfield after Chavez' death.

They were quietly seeking higher education and freedom from their former indentured servitude!

THEY HAD CREDIBLE and highly PLAUSIBLE TALES TO TELL - but not to the media - who remained untrusted by them and unwilling to cast any negative aspersions on Chavez NOR even assist their escapes from such untoward conditions then.

Kern law enforcement and pressure from then CA state judicial authorities in power at that time KNEW Chavez was terminally ill.

TO HAVE ARRESTED CHAVEZ THEN would only martyr him!


Chavez & Crew in KENNE, CA [at the UFW Headquarters] favored the same, sordid Saul Alinsky anarchist tactics used later by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to prevent critics gaining any real credibility and/or traction in an adoring & blatantly cooperating print & TV news media -- with a little well timed appearance or help from The Kennedy Family - during "peace walks" and protracted fasts, Ghandi style!

Will UC or CSU "scholars" ever be permitted to DE-MYTHOLOGZE Chavez?

NOT LIKELY IN MY LIFETIME! He's "off-limits" for the Liberal controlled academics and media!

On Interview with Dolores Huerta

Posted on November 30 at 2:25 a.m.


When I worked at "The Base", there was a "NASA Challenger Education Center" located - within base housing, outside the main gate - at about the site indicated.

It has been there since the mid- to late 1970s -- and with its proximity to public education outside the main gate @ The Base that location served well!

Great for school outings and out-of-classroom visits then & now.

Is this the same site or nearly its location for the newly expanded & developing space activities center?

Last I checked the web site of "The CA Space Authority [CSA]", their main founding offices were - and I believe still are - adjoining the Santa Maria Regional Airport at 3201 Airpark Drive - upstairs on the second floor in Suite 204.

Has the CSA opened a new Lompoc office? If so, that would be logical - for reasons cited in the next paragraphs..

There are still a number of commercial space industry firms located in Vandenberg Village -- South of the main gate, just off Highway One, before reaching the city limits of Lompoc.

It was from Vandenberg Village that a support staff assisted then-Member of Congress ANDREA SEASTRAND in lobbying legislators in both Washington, DC and at Sacramento for her noteworthy & pioneering "Highway to Space" federal legislation - which has clearly established CA as THE Leader in US commercial space activites - then and now.

Those Vandenberg Village space firms are still working with other commercial space activities around the U.S. - as a breath-taking number of commercial "space ports" are being licensed by the FAA for operations - including the first inland space operations at the Mojave Air and Spaceport (at the East Kern Airport District), as well as with Bigelow Aerospace in North Las Vegas, NV - the latter currenlty operating two near Earth-orbiting prototypes "Genesis I" and "Genesis II" for an anticipated launch in 2010 - from Russia - of the "Sundancer" space multi-module inflatable technology human habitat technology, which NASA had rejected decades ago - but has suddenly taken renewed interest for lunar or Martian habitat for humans.

Vandenberg, itself, is licensed as a commercial spaceport near the Space Launch Complex Six on the South Base. The first commercial vehicle launched from there was decades ago by the Lockheed LLV-1 / "Gemstar" payload - just prior to the First Commercial Space Conference held at the Santa Maria Inn, just a few weeks later.

Additional CSA offices also have been opened, most recently at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View - site of many well-funded high-tech "life in outer space" & exo-planetary programs near Silicon Valley industrial firms.

On California Space Center Gets Off Ground

Posted on October 17 at 6:25 a.m.

ATK at their Promontory, UTAH standing rocket motor test site - successfully validated the "Aries I" rocket booster - which is key to NASA "Constellation" program successes - just few weeks ago! After the cheers died down - ATK passed out ca. 600 "pink slips" not counting their sub-contractors statewide. That brings to more than 800 employees - only ATK's REAL PEOPLE added to the state's unemployment roles in UT, where subminimal wage "benefits amounts" paid are FAR BELOW those in CA! FURTHER, the recent Augustine Commission delivered its NASA-appointed "Human Space Flight Review" interim report to The White House and Headquarters NASA last month! See web site "" for details! Those appointed members essentially gave NASA manned spaceflight a "NO GO!" under current funding and policy! In Houston, TX: The premier local daily newspaper "The Chronicle" headlined its story of NASA's impacting orbital debris into a lunar crater as" :"Scientists cheer, [but] public yawns"! TOO FEW realize = that WATER ON Earth's MOON was first discovered by Naval Research Lab [NRL] mission "Clementine I" [1994] -- and then NASA successfully lobbied President Bill Clinton to cancel NRL's proposed "Clementine II" - an ambitious, but do-able landing of multiple robotics on some multiple asteroids / meteroids, then return data on mineral findings for future mining! At that time - more than a decade ago - NASA was afraid of being FURTHER 'up-staged' by our US military space capabilities, which continue to be several generations of technology BEYOND[!] the NASA's "best dreams"!

On Shooting for the Moon

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