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Posted on December 13 at 3:50 p.m.

THe Campus point reserve actuall extends from goleta beach all the way up to Elwood. And includes the cove, poles , campus, depressions, DP, devereux, and sands.

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Posted on December 10 at 7:12 p.m.

I am sorry, but half the spots you mentioned are only utilized by commercial fisherman and PBers . Black rock is not accessible unless you happen to have 3 million dollars for one of the houses on the point. For spearfishing, especially shorediving, the only spots in SB are campus Dev and Mesa, Mesa will be left open, but is the least consistent of all three, and can be undiveable for months on end(such as last winter)
You are wrong on the Naples thig, the IPA does not allow spearfishing at all at naples, or at Dev/campus/ all of which are SMCAs, not SMRs as you stated.
the Campus SMR was changed to an SMCA after the fact, because somehow the oil seepage tents, platform holly, and other assorted debris were "overlooked", additionally the Abalone farm wanted to still be allowed to harvest kelp there.

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Posted on December 9 at 7:46 p.m.

@ seatizen
The closure at campus is not just a closure at campus it closes part of elwood, all of deveraux, and campus, and everything in between.
It was proposed as part of a compromise to allow fishing to continue at Naples, by far the most economically important reef in our area, this was discussed at length, and included in various proposals, but eventually certain groups such as surfrider and heal the bay, reneged on their promises, and voted to close naples to all access, which is on the IPA.

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Posted on December 8 at 9:26 p.m.

The Proposed closures (yes closures, unless you are harvesting kelp for your abalone farm) Are from campus point up to elwood. Naples reef, and a huge area off of point conception.
For those of you who surf, and know goleta
this is pretty much the same as closing campus, dev, sands and haskells to surfing
While this is a relatively small portion of the coastline. It is almost all of our spots. Sure goleta beach, poles and the whole stretch from campus to dev would be open, but no one surfs there.
Any diver who lives in goleta learned at Dev, and on a given day, that is where 90% of divers will be found, especially those without the money for boats or the age for a Drivers License.
Banning spearfishing, the lowest impact method of take, at devereux and campus runs completely contrary to patagonia's message.

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