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Posted on September 4 at 5:04 p.m.

I cannot thank you enough for writing this article, Cat. My dad, David Kyne, passed away on the 16th of June, the day of my younger sister's graduation from UCSB, 3 years after my graduation from UCSB, and four days before his 50th birthday. He was, no doubt, the kindest, funniest, and hardest working man in many people's opinions, including my own. He worked from 5:00am to 8:00pm five days per week and from 8:00am to 6:00pm every Saturday and Sunday, just to make sure my sister and I could get the education that he never had the opportunity to get. He was a truly selfless human being that wanted nothing more than the love and happiness of his wife and daughters. The screen is blurry as I type this, I can't hold back the tears. So please excuse any typos. My dad was my best friend, my partner in crime. Losing him meant losing a part of myself, and every day is a struggle for answers that no one has. Moving forward is not a concept I want to accept, but because of my dad and all of the values he instilled in me, I am doing so through my long-desired vocation of teaching. Every person deserves a father and a best friend like mine, and no one deserves to lose him. But seeing 700+ people fill the church for his service and reading articles like this are helping me to see the positive impact he had made in so many people's lives.

Thank you, again, for this article. It means more than you could possibly know. Much love.

On A Makeshift Memorial

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