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Posted on March 6 at 5:08 p.m.

California is running out of water because of population growth. Even if we had more rainfall in the future, not less, our population will overtake this resource - and every other resource - if we keep growing. California is not growing, only its human population is.

Capps and the rest of Congress control the flow of immigrants, which is where our growth comes from. Americans ended the baby boom in 1964 and started having small families.

We are lucky our family size is small enough to shrink our population, just as the Europeans and Japanese are doing. But we are unlucky to have politicians who are overpopulators like Lois Capps.

In order to live within our resources we need to replace politicians like Capps with people who grasp the problem of population growth. Capps and others like her will pay lip service to resource constraints but will continue to eat our grandchildrens' lunch - and drink their water - by importing overpopulation.

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Posted on October 24 at 4:03 p.m.

This article goes off the rails in the last two paragraphs. Americans are already following her suggestion to have small families; I don't know why many journalists are unaware of this.

Americans ended the Baby Boom way back in 1964. Since then American couples have averaged about 1.9 children, what demographers call a "below-replacement fertility rate." The only reason the nation's (and California's) population are growing is that Congress has more than quadrupled immigration since the 1960's.

Since today's population growth is imported rather than internal, the South Coast can end future population pressure by insisting that Lois Capps and other Washington politicians reduce immigration. That is the answer, rather than reducing our family size - which we have already accomplished. (Readers, give yourselves a pat on the back!)

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