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Posted on October 9 at 4:19 p.m.

@ DebbieBell and dogcentric.

I am a shelter attendant and a foster mom and work with animal rescue just like u do DebbieBell. To date we have not gotten one of the Pit bulls we adopted out back, nor have we received any bite reports or dog attack incidents on them. Why? Because the dogs we adopt out have all been tested for temperament. There reactions to other dogs to humans etc. We have gotten poodles and Dachshunds, shepherds and even Goldens back because they were rough on the children.

By the way Golden retrievers are themselves very high on the bite list, just thought I would throw that in for good measurement.

And yes I am the very proud mom of 3 amazing Pit Bulls among 13 other dogs. All 3 of them can be with each other and any or all of the other dogs with the exception of my husbands chow. That chow is the only dog aggressive dog we have in our household. As a responsible Pit owner I do have a break stick. Because in any multiple dog household you will have fights and a Pit, like the majority of my other dogs, is a terrier and a terrier grabs a hold to what it attacks and don't let go. That is where the break stick comes in. It is needed to separate our own dogs in the rare event they get in to a fight, which they never have. It is used to make them grab a hold to instead of the other dog.

Not every Pit in this world is dog aggressive nor human aggressive in fact the majority of them are really great dogs, as loving as any golden or lab.

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