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Posted on April 8 at 4:06 p.m.

Maria Zate should also state that when the first "reported" victim of Pedro Hernandez, who is my son, he and I had to go through this:

1. I had to call the authorities myself and the Sheriff''s Dept had not been notified by cottage even a week after I told the stall what had occurred. I was also the person who called the CA Dept of Health. Cottage hospital did not notify any authority who by law must be informed of such allegations.

2. The top staff shunned me (before I sued) and told me my son was delusional, had a gripe against Pedro, or did not understand the washing process of the genital area. Note: He had been there 8 years already and never a complaint.

3.The hospital's investigative unit sent me a letter saying they reviewed my son's medical records and found no entries indicating abuse nor had he complained before. (my son cannot speak nor write and his totally paralyzed except for his left side which remains very weak)

4. I was told that Pedro was great at his job and even "volunteered to teach other CNAs on the correct way to clean uncircumcised males."

5. My son cannot speak but he very aware and often reminds me of things that I forget. He used gestures and has gotten very creative when trying to tell me something.

6. I pleaded with staff, when Pedro was back, to protect other residents of the sub-acute unit. They told me not to worry he wouldn't be in my son's room anymore.

So, this apology is not accepted!!!

On Third Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Cottage Hospital

Posted on December 16 at 6:10 p.m.

@foofighter: There are no other sub acutes nearby. I believe you are thinking of nursing homes which are not sub acute facilities. My son is there also.

On Cottage Criticized for Planned Subacute Patient Move

Posted on January 23 at 7:26 p.m.

I met Robert when my son and family moved next door to him years ago. We both had a love of parrots so we started talking. I found him to be a great guy, intelligent and very active in the community. I will miss him greatly.

On Robert Wilmott: 1948-2013

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