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Posted on April 24 at 3:10 p.m.

I am amazed that 27 of these ships plan to stop here in 2015. Over 2 a month... Originally the number was way lower. Not sure who keeps upping it. Local boaters shouldn't have to deal with that, so I hope they relocate farther out and maybe cut down on how many there are! And the LB Coast Guard's actions sound ridiculous especially as no one in SB knew the rules had changed.
And the No Co Mission jail is unaffordable to operate... We can't maintain/operate all we have now. Glad Brown got brought to account for changing the numbers. This county needs to slow wayyyy down on that one!

On When Good Dogs Do Bad Things

Posted on January 5 at 1:32 a.m.

Wow, some nasty stuff written here against a woman who published a totally free local paper which I read every week for the last five years. She and her staff did a fantastic job covering all the local issues from voter fraud to the "round about" at 154 and 246 and high school sports, with color photographs. Granted we can agree to disagree, but to be calling her names and putting her down for ending her "free" paper, jeeez. I miss my weekly Crawford On the Ranch (Rant), and the "In My Opinion" and the letters to the Editor and the local Crime report.
I doubt anyone will step up with a replacement, and we in the valley will be less informed than we were when Nancy was keeping an eye on our local/state/federal government.
The Santa Ynez Valley Journal will be missed by this loyal reader.

On <em>Santa Ynez Valley Journal</em> Prints Last Paper

Posted on January 5 at 12:41 a.m.

Grow on Roxanne and Jeffrey!

On Roxanne Renner of Santa Rita Organic Flower Farm

Posted on February 29 at 12:12 a.m.

Thanks for the laugh Nick, on such a serious county problem. It is almost laughable on how corrupt this is looking. Who the heck was is charge of these grant monies given to LHCDC all these years? A non profit has to file every year, with the giver of the grant, as to where all the money went. As for the grant giver, our BOS, how could they miss that this paperwork wasn't filed??? and continue to give our money away to this group of thieves? This is the same group that was going to "revive" the old Lompoc Theatre. Nothing has happened there either.

We need to know how much money this BOS Joni Gray and Husband law firm received. Seeing that LHCDC broke the law by not filing required grant paperwork , shouldn't the law firm give back ALL the monies they got? What a racket! Joni Gray should have been forced to step down immediately! I am endlessly astounded at how corrupt our local government is.....Sue Erlich and of course Joni's own Warnstrom, were two on the board. I hear Erlich was making over $100K a year to run this "non-profit" but the "poor" non-profit" couldn't afford a bookkeeper or to make payments on their properties. What a bunch of thieves! I think it's called embezzlement and it is illegal..
The homeless shelter, Brideghouse, sits on 11beautiful country acres in Santa Barbara county. and it may well be worth the money owed, if it can be transformed. Perhaps low income housing could be developed through community support, volunteers and those that wish to live there, pulling together and helping to build something wonderful, instead of one 56 bed shelter on 11 acres, that seems to cost a fortune to run extremely poorly.

On ’Til the Last Dog Dies

Posted on February 28 at 11:22 p.m.

You can already get free/low cost contraception at the clinics.
As a woman, I am insulted to think that this is some sort of "victory" for women's health. A victory in my book for women's health, would be figuring out how to get rid of fibroids or breast cancer. contraception is inexpensive and sometimes "free" already. Aren't free condoms being handed out at some schools of higher learning? (That I help subsidize with my tax dollars) NOTHING is free, someone is paying for someone else's "free" stuff.
Even with a "good" gov. employee health care plan, we were paying over $500 a month for two people, then we added one (older) "child" and it went up another $636. So $1136 for 3 people a month. That's a lot of money, but we pay it. Now if you have 5 kids, it is the same price! How is that fair? Seems I'm subsidizing the bigger families. And it goes up every year. This whole issue is such a huge distraction from the real issues facing our country, but I think that is exactly what it is meant to be. "Divide and conquer"

On A Victory for Women's Health

Posted on February 28 at 10:20 p.m.

No nonsense socks are made in the USA. I found them at Wal Mart when I asked what socks were made is the US. She knew exactly where they were, so maybe people ask that a lot! I am trying to support US factories as much as I can. But probably couldn't afford a new computer if it was made here...Vizeo is US based but they don't build stuff here. Union retirement pensions are expensive when everyone gets them. Clothes made in the US are usually quite a bit more expensive than their China counterparts, but also much better quality. Don't know the answer, but everything's going to just keep going up with the current system. And more government laws are NOT the answer. By the way, nicely written article.

On Elves Didn’t Make Your Shoes

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