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Posted on May 16 at 2:27 p.m.

The really humerous thing is that the world has already ended long ago, and we're already in the afterlife. Now tell me something new!

On Mayor Files Lawsuit to Block End of World

Posted on May 6 at 2:22 p.m.

I'm lucky to live in a wooded area and am concerned about fire, and do what I can about cleaning gutters, mowing weeds, etc. Like so many of natures beautiful gifts, I think Eucaylyptus trees are great, even though not indigenous -- but then, I'm not either. I'm from Chicago, know quite a bit about fires, and still love all trees, including the two, hundred-year-old giants near me. Montecito, hopefully, will do a non-biased study and act responsibly.
So if you're anywhere near Solvang, and see a guy hugging a very tall tree, wave to him, it's probably me.


On Nava Jumps into Eucalyptus Removal Fray

Posted on April 29 at 9:57 p.m.

It's looking a bit like it did last year, and apparently that didn't work. I'm from the 30's-era grammer school learning style and we had 1 teacher for each grade, with twenty-five to thirty kids per class. When a new foreign student appeared in our room they sat quietly, especially the ones that spoke no english, and gradually assimilated into american habits AND language. Our teacher introduced them to the class, and told us to help the new arrivals in any way we could ... and we did! By years end they spoke enough english to have friends, who of course helped them learn our language by association, and by participation in classwork. By the next year they were fluent enough to learn with little help from the teacher or schoolmates. Assimilation is the keyword here.
All newcomers were mainly northern european, and they came with languages less easily associated with english than spanish. I don't speak spanish, but it's easier for me to understand than german, french, or scandinavian.
Could it possibly be that our powers-that-be don't want spanish-speaking kids to get ahead too quickly? And what happens to the students that aren't quite up to par after six grades? Do we build spanish-english middle schools, and spanish-english colleges?
Through assimilation, the mexican kids will feel included just as my new foreign-language-speaking pals Dolph, Esperanza, Francesco, and Michael did in the thirties and forties.

Kids will be kids.


On Adelante Moves Forward

Posted on April 17 at 1:50 a.m.

We were happily surprised recently when we accidentaly found Craig Ferguson on the telly. I looked forward to his show. Funny ... intelligent ... good guests. Then the ass fell out of it all. He has been referring to the homeless/poor people as "Hobos." Almost every night. It's stupid, insensitive, not funny, and shows his lack of regard for many many peoply who've lost their homes, rented or owned, their jobs, and perhaps may not ever regain these things.
Boooo Craig Ferguson. Your morals stink! I cannot wince anymore at your dumb-ass remarks.


On Recounting the Lost

Posted on March 8 at 1:55 a.m.

There are many laws that cover the types of behaviour mentioned above. The trick is to get them enforced properly, and with the most severe penalties meted out. I think there are enough cops around capable of apprehending the offenders, and the judges should then put the heat on these anti-social and dangerous criminals, no matter what their racial, religious, or philosophical view.
They may think they're getting away with this violent activity, but given the maximum sentence in court will slow them down ... maybe breaking the chain of "gang" activity. It's worth it because what's happening now is just not working.
Anyone who has ever been in, or even near, a jail knows the peculiar aura associated with these sadly necessary places. If these dangerous guys on the street think they're tough wait 'til they do a stretch in the joint. They'll find out the real tough guys are in jail, or even worse, prison, (there's a big difference you know), and it takes a very long time, once you're in, to stop being someone's gofer or girlfriend, sometimes never.
Pay attention folks ... it's getting worse faster, every month. It's not complicated -- DO THE CRIME ... DO THE TIME!


On Witness to Leal Murder Assaulted

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