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Posted on May 18 at 3:39 p.m.


You are always calling other people & ideas stupid. You are obviously stupid when it comes to horses & don't know what you're talking about.

On Horse Rescued in Santa Barbara Channel

Posted on May 16 at 9:19 a.m.

"qualified applicants scarce:" Let's not forget to include age discrimination...

On Jobs Increasing Gradually, Qualified Applicants Scarce

Posted on April 29 at 12:41 p.m.

Great article, Brandon, well-written. My book about SBBT will be titled "What the Bank Really Does with Your Money." Chapters to be included: " Let's Do the Arithmetic," "Behind the Scenes," "Who Did What???, "The Keepers of the Truth, "Shielding Sr Management & the Board," "WIIfm - What's in it for Me." I'll have to keep thinking of others. The Bank was good to me in many ways but it's hard to overlook the bottom line: we got screwed. And the bottom line is the almighty driver of the company...

On Requiem for a Bank

Posted on March 18 at 10:49 a.m.

"...when SBBT charged me $3.00 for the "service.," the same bank that a few days ago charged nothing for the same transaction. "

Did they tell you that they were going to start charging you? I'm sure they did as it is a violation if they didn't.

On Union Bank Buys SBB&T for $1.5 Billion

Posted on March 16 at 8:57 a.m.

" was all smiles at the headquarters of SBB&T..." - that's because the guys at headquarters made all the money & lifelong employees have no retirement money to fall back on.

"...the mood was more akin to shock..." - communications, as usual, lacked decent courtesy.

"...the transition will be seamless for account holders." - I have personally experienced so many conversions that I know they always use the word 'seamless' & it NEVER is.

"...layoffs should be expected. " - duh!! Combine this with the previous layoffs & the ones they didn't count & this is real community spirit. :(

"...stunned at both the speed at which he found a buyer and the price he garnered. " - this was a well thought-out move. Union Bank has been contemplated by SBBT for many years because they are the only large bank who needs a foothold in the central coast.

"...strong commitment to the community..." - this commitment has fallen off over the years with SBBT. Remember, it's not just SBBT - it's PCB.

Brandon - sorry I didn't connect with you yesterday.

On Union Bank Buys SBB&T for $1.5 Billion

Posted on March 14 at 8:49 a.m.

1. Mr Ford put his $$$ here because that's what he does, that's his business. This was one of his best deals - triple return in a very short time.
2. The shareholders, not the Bank, voted for this sale. On the other hand, Mr Ford already owned 51% of the stock.
3. This is what usually happens: customer-facing employees will keep their jobs so the customers will feel good. The back office employees will be let go as Union centralizes these operations that are already in place within their company.
4. It still sucks. The 100-1 reverse stock split left most of us holding a lot of nothing. If you have any shares left, sell them now while the stock is at $45/share & get out.

On Union Bank to Buy Parent Company of Santa Barbara Bank & Trust

Posted on March 2 at 7:56 a.m.

"The immigration activists need to think hard about this and how arguing for an exception for this one student..."

Who are we and what can of worms do we open when we decide to discriminate between who should be deported & who should stay?

On UCSB Student Faces Deportation

Posted on February 27 at 9:10 a.m.

"...with your personal preference to remain rural, near agricultural farmland, without the benefits of urban development... i.e. access to medical care, shopping, an electrical grid and plumbing."

I did not say that.

On Fighting Development at the Ballot Box

Posted on February 27 at 9:07 a.m.

" represent your demographic explicit as "women," - as if this detail either makes you distinct from men, or that the attribute in work ethic you describe is somehow new, in being a woman."

Like it or not, SantaNa, but the glass ceiling is alive & well. There are options & pay scales available to men that are NOT available to women. I'm not saying that there are not many self-sufficient women who have been successful (especially financially) in their lives but it takes more than it takes a man. Now factor in the demands of motherhood....

If all was equal (sexes & work ethics), I wouldn't consider myself "different."

On Fighting Development at the Ballot Box

Posted on February 26 at 1:16 p.m.

"...there were some clear losers to Tuesday’s decision, including affordable housing advocates who pushed for more and denser development and the Towbes Group, which has been seeking to develop the San Marcos Growers property for years."

I for one am glad that these losers are just that.

Aside: I thought Noleta was reserved for the strip of county property between Turnpike & Patterson. This is the only "no man's land" and the term doesn't apply to the city of Goleta.

On Noleta Rezoning Plan Passes Easily

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