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Posted on September 18 at 9:23 p.m.

You are not understanding. People shouldn't have to - nor can they afford to - commute one hour each way to serve you or anyone else. Gas prices/wear and tear on your vehicle, issues with timing for picking up one's children from school/day care are some of the reasons that make commuting unreasonable. If you don't experience what it means to survive on limited income then please have some compassion and just stay quiet. I find it offensive that some would show ZERO compassion for hard working individuals and families and have no understanding of how your life is make easier each day by the many people that find it a struggle to live here.

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 18 at 8:13 p.m.

I wish there were more comments on here from people who actually rent - rather than all the trolls, but we are busy working our 2-3 jobs in order to live here. Saying that people should move if they can't afford to live here is not the answer. If someone has a job here - they need to live here. This town is squeezing out the working singles and families with skyrocketing rents and long-term rentals turning into vacation rentals.

Some of you may live behind your computers, but most of the people in this town interact with renters on a daily basis. They are your barista; they deliver your mail; they ring up your groceries; they babysit your kids; they pick up your garbage; they serve you lunch; they entertain you with live music; they serve you a beer; they teach you yoga/dance/martial art/math.... They deserve fair and affordable housing. If Santa Barbara doesn't do something to increase affordable housing (and I don't mean for people who make $100,000/year) then we will lose these valuable workers and our sense of community and humanity.

There are many illegal units being rented in this community - "studio's" which are basically the garden shed with electricity and a fridge and hot plate. Studios going for $1900/month. Not even a bedroom! I have been a landlord and a renter. I am currently being evicted because I requested a repair after living in an apartment for five years. There is a cost of doing business and landlords can't pass it all onto renters. If rents continue to go up despite the fact that salaries are not going up, Santa Barbara will lose its vital work force and the people that make our town special.

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on February 8 at 4:28 p.m.

I live near the train station - and knew that when I took the apartment - I would have to get used to the train. Several years later, the 3 am freight sometimes wakes me up, the station workers' voices amplify to the level I can hear them inside my house, and sometimes the conductors lay on the horn a bit excessively - but I knew that I would have to deal with it going into the neighborhood. I feel for those that live near Cottage.

In fact, even though I don't live anywhere near Cottage, I too was kept up all last night by excessive helicopter noise. It sounded like we were being invaded from the sky. Several friends were kept up all night as well in areas not directly near the hospital. Of course it is important to get an injured person to the hospital quickly but if this is going to create excessive noise and make us feel like we are living on the set of M*A*S*H, then we need some answers.

On New Hospital Helipad Sees Heavy Action

Posted on April 25 at 11:53 a.m.

I realized you lived there and had first hand experience at the time. However, IV is not a slum. Although some of the landlord's don't keep up their properties, it is a thriving diverse community. IV is not "populated entirely by entitled children" as you claim. First of all - there are families living in IV, professors, people who work at the university and the community as well as individuals who choose to live in IV. Secondly, many students come from working families and while this may be the first time they are living independently from their families, they don't all act "entitled". Many of them volunteer in the local community, they tutor children, feed the hungry, and work to better the environment. Please don't shove them all in one category. Most UCSB students are positively contributing to the community.

On Don't Spray on Me

Posted on November 8 at 5:43 p.m.

Only Twiin Productions is to blame for their business failings. It had nothing to do with the City. They owed people from 2008 and 2009 and the fact that they wanted to do another year just points to the fact that they didn't have a good business plan.

They did receive "special" treatment from the City. In fact - the city suspended all large events but it was only at the last minute when Councilmember Williams (who got a campaign contribution no doubt) asked the Council to allow for special circumstances to allow Twiin to be able to hold the festival - on East Beach. They are lucky they were allowed to move forward at all. Other groups requesting permits were flat out denied. Again - though - the Twiins are responsible for their own failings.

Sad to see Lynn stoop so low to represent these two. Proves the voters selected the right candidate for District Attorney. This proves he has no business representing SB.

On Twiins Tailspin into Bankruptcy

Posted on June 4 at 12:57 p.m.

loonpt: you sound kinda loony - where do you make the giant leap about medical marijuana? That isn't an issue here so first of all - why bring it up? second of all - why assume that people who are interested in there being a proper policy in place for usage of our city parks are also against medical marijuana. Not true in my case and certainly a giant random leap to make.

It isn't about not wanting to have fun - and gee - I certainly hope there is more going on in your life that you aren't waiting all year long without anything to do until the West Beach Music Festival. There are other fun things to do in SB and nearby. Other fun music events are happening all the time. This isn't the only event in town.

It isn't about your right to party. It's about the city's responsibility to the community and the need for proper policy and for people who don't follow it - to be denied usage. The city doesn't owe anything to a "for-profit" business. It owes responsibility to the City of Santa Barbara and its residents.

On More Opposition for West Beach Music Bash

Posted on May 21 at 3:36 p.m.

or maybe other people are busy and have other commitments and weren't being offered something in return for their support.

On How the West Beach Fest Was Won

Posted on May 21 at 11:26 a.m.

How can people assume that the festival brings in money? September is busy in Santa Barbara because it is beautiful weather and since the dollar has taken a dive - Europeans come in droves to spend time in SB and shop. Hotel managers last year said that they were booked the week after West Beach anyways. The bulk of the target population are 18-25 year olds and they certainly aren't booking hotels on the ocean. The ocean front hotels are more expensive. The venue provided convenient and cheap food inside the event and area restaurant managers said that they had no benefit from the festival. 20 year olds are not going to be dining at Chuck's Steakhouse or Eladio's in the middle of a festival.

Some people that like to have fun still think this location is a bad idea for the size and type of event. I am one of those. I was actually excited about the idea of the festival originally and I attended. That's when I saw all the major flaws from underage drinking, lack of security (no pat downs), noise violation, lack of parking - many citations - the need for extra police to come in - it was a public safety issue. They are lucky that there were no known major incidents. It's not about squashing everyone's right to a good time. But the city has a responsibility to protect its residents - both those attending and those that live nearby. There are other venues in town that the city and residents have spent a lot of time and money refurbishing and maintaining. There is the Arlington, Granada, Lobero, Marjorie Luke, Earl Warren and the SB Bowl for large concerts. Because of the lack of parking and proximity to houses and hotels, the West Beach area is more suited to events like the pro- volleyball tournament - not a three day festival that ends with Slightly Stoopid blaring on a Sunday night until after 10pm.

ps sbloc- not begrudging Twiin for their marketing - just saying that the city didn't announce the meeting until late last week so other people in the community didn't hear about it. A "public meeting announcement" post inside the city clerk's office isn't going to be seen by many. Public process is important and everyone should be included.

On How the West Beach Fest Was Won

Posted on May 20 at 3:56 p.m.

Amazing that the parks commissioners would overturn the staff's decision. The city is giving West Beach to the Twiins. Why? There's no benefit to the city. Yeah a few thousand people get to have a good time but there are many locations that are better suited for live amplified music. West Beach is not one of them - especially because there is no parking.

It's not surprising that Twiin got the place filled with supporters - they invited 10,000 people on facebook. The meeting was only announced to certain members of the community that had complained during last year's festival late last week and hardly had time to respond.

This is a gift to them from the city. One has to wonder what the commissioners get in return? If this decision stands - it won't be any different than last year. Their numbers were inflated so the real number of attendees is closer to this 8,500 number on the main day. Last year SBPD had to bring in extra officers to try to control the situation. Last year Friday was empty. yet obnoxiously loud. The Twiins didn't care about the policy about sound last year and ignored it - why trust them again? It makes no sense? you don't continue to offer a special part of our city up to fools who can't tell the truth or keep a promise.

On How the West Beach Fest Was Won

Posted on October 30 at 12:32 a.m.

no, "iloveusb09", you can't love animals and eat them too. do you hit your partner to show them you love them? (hint: that would be domestic violence) All animals have feelings, feel pain and have their own purpose-which is not to be food for humans.

It is simply ignorant to think that humans need to consume animals. a plant based diet is not only the most healthy but the best for the environment as well. Its beneficial for everyone whereas consuming animals contributes to suffering, ill health and massive environmental damage.

There are now plenty of meat analogues (tofurky etc) that can help you transition to a plant based diet. You can find vegan cook books with many of your favorite dishes 'veganized' and many new tasty recipies.

why not be vegan for the month or only a week to see how you feel.

On PETA's "Meat Package Tour" Scorches State Street

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