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Posted on December 11 at 7:10 a.m.

Sez, so your problem is with the the way the article is written apparently, and not the food so much?

I'll admit to being a fan of the place and eating there weekly...frankly I wouldn't care if the ingredients came from Mars - the food is great, the ambiance is lovely, the staff is friendly and thoughtful, and it feels like home to this Valley local.

And I believe that prayer flags can be displayed anywhere anyone wants...unless this is China and I missed something. Besides, they are pieces of fabric, illustrated by customers (mostly children) that are strung up as decoration in a prayer-flag manner. It's a cute, creative decoration-theme and does not beg us to Buddhist calling.

Have you even been to Flatbreads? Oh, wait...maybe you should just call Domino's and leave the precious few tables to those of us who love the place.

On The Skinny on Full of Life Flatbread Pizza

Posted on June 11 at 7:38 a.m.

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Posted on March 2 at 5:59 p.m.

Interesting claim about Crushcakes selling out every day since opening, but it makes me wonder how I was able to buy some "day-old" cupcakes there recently.

On The Many Reasons to Love a Cupcake

Posted on October 22 at 5:12 p.m.

That previous post pretty well sums things up. We struggled to figure out what was actually cooked on a BBQ. The zucchini had grill marks, but the chicken most certainly was done in the oven. The short ribs were good, but more of a "stew" than BBQ, which is what got most of us up there in the first place.

The wine situation, while off-putting at first, was resuscitated by the terrific gals behind the tasting counter. In the midst of all the complaints we heard them handling, they were champs maintaining a cheerful attitude, and allowing us to taste the wines before committing our precious 2 ticket allotments to a glass of wine. We found the wines to be pretty good, not earth-shattering, but maybe a little better than the poster above.

I think the most impressive event of the evening was the melt-down by one of the managers, a Latina whose name escapes me. We actually witnessed her sobbing by the front door because, as she told a gentleman (who we assumed is also in management) that people were complaining. Well honey, get used to it. I for one hope that they get their act together, but for the time-being, we'll steer clear of the over-priced events. The venue is gorgeous, and the tasting room is pleasant, but don't waste your time on these advertised events until they get their house in order.

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