I was in a hospital listening to a nurse describe how she had
been given money to buy all that was needed to set up a new unit.
Immediately I wanted to see her palms. I suspected that she would
have what we call in Spanish a mana abierta, or open

I was right.

I will call her Lily

I got Lily to sit down and take a break from her busy schedule.
At once I noticed that she when she extended her palm to me for a
reading, all her fingers curved almost straight up like petals of a
tulip. When you extend your palm and the fingers curve up like
this, it means you have the kind of hands that support the
universe. Kind of like holding up the world.

Schoolteachers have hands like this. Psychologists. Artists.
Social workers.

Anyone who works with their hands, holding others up.

Lily also used to be a second and third grade teacher.

Lily also has the feature of having many small lines, an
indication of a hard worker.

Many employers use handwriting analysis in making decisions
about applicants. The employer in this case had made a good
decision to entrust Lily with such responsibility. I don’t know if
the hospital read her palms to help make this decision. My guess is

But if they had, they would have also found that Lily was very
grounded and practical. This could be seen in her mostly rounded
fingertips. Only the tip of her little finger was pointed, which
indicates intelligence in commercial matters.

Lily’s wrist was also very thin, another sign of high
intelligence. Lily thought her wrists were thin just because she
was skinny. I smiled at her naiveté when she said this.

Examining Lily’s palms again, I noticed a criss-cross of lines
across the mounds of Mars and Venus. These are the two mounds at
the base of the thumb up through slightly above where the thumb
connects to the hand. Boxes or little rectangles formed of lines
across these raised areas can indicate conflict between male and
female in outer relations or conflict between masculine and
feminine in oneself. I asked Lily—who is pretty assertive although
she looks like a demure pretty blond—if she had trouble being
herself in the world. Did people judged her by her looks and
expected her to be passive, when she was actually very strong? She
looked taken aback, and said yes.

I took it all in stride. A palm reader’s quiet pride.

Batya Weinbaum reads palms through the Enchanting Cottage in


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