My Best Friend’s Bedding

A snappy update to give you guys the latest and greatest on the
Dating Dr., among other things.

dating%20columnist.jpg Thomas and I never went on a date, as
he called Dana first, and I instantly decided to step back.
I’m not one for dating my girlfriend’s beau, even
if they’ve only been out a few times. To me the rules of sisterhood
completely supersede the desire to find a potential boyfriend.
Always. I was thrilled when I heard that the
speed-dating doctor and Dana
really hit it off. They had a
two-hour phone conversation the first time they spoke, and it
appears they share a passion for skiing, martial arts, and St.
Bernhard dogs. I mean, what are the chances? She
was positively beaming with excitement when we met up at Nature’s
Grill to gossip about guys, work, and yes more guys… It’s a win-win
situation, really. I never had a strong connection with this guy
and Dana practically wrote their vows already. I figure that since
I was the one, who brought her to the speed-dating event, maybe I
can get dibs on his cute, single MD friends at the wedding. Thanks
so much to those of you who commented and emailed me with advice on
where to meet cool guys in Santa Barbara. I really appreciate it!
And, to the few who went off on a tangent about how I
shouldn’t rule out the possibility of dating guys who still live at
with their parents; I totally disagree.

Everyone is allowed a few preferences, especially when getting
involved in something as vibrant yet tantalizing as the SB dating
scene. That doesn’t mean I believe men who still live with their
parents to be dangerous, low-minded, or even less trustworthy than
other members of the male species. I’m just not likely to
be dating any of them in the near future
. It’s such a
mood-killer having to worry about his mom walking in on you when
you’re getting your freak on after a night out on the town. Ever
watch Failure To Launch, with Sarah Jessica Parker and
Matthew McConaughey? Then you know what I’m talking about. Or in
the words of a true romance guru, Dating Dad, “An adult man living at
home=loser. Period. Unless he’s caring for his sick mom. And even
then, it’s a fine line.” Thanks for commenting, Eric! Surprisingly,
my friend The Biker has really stepped up his game
lately. He’s been around to drive me to the airport when I jet off
to other continents, jumpstart my car when the battery dies, and
force-feed me vitamins and Enchincea, when my health is
compromised. So for the past few months I’ve come to depend
on this guy
. Heavily. For friendship, laughs and endless
talks about life and love.

It’s not just that he’s cute, fun, and hella smart. Lately I’ve
been having these dreams, where we’re playing more than the usual
game of backgammon on his bedding! Surely that must mean something.
Only, I’m not the type of person to leap into a
friends-with-benefits situation, so it’s
either-or. Black or white. I fear that he might still fancy his ex,
or that snogging him will corrupt the friendship beyond repair if
it doesn’t work out between us. Gosh, maybe I’m totally
over-thinking this and need to grab a Corona and just go with the
flow. The situation in a nutshell; I’ve invited him to SOhO for
dinner this weekend and I’m not sure where to go from here. All I
know is that this guy challenges me, inspires me, and makes my
heart skip a beat sometimes. Oh, and I’m also aware that he’s
crushing on me, so a hook-up should be plausible after a
few martinis
! Would you throw caution to the wind and hook
up with a friend at the risk of losing the friendship? Please post
your comments fast. I need guidance! Thanks, and
have a great weekend. I promise to let you know how things play
out… soonish! Ciao for now! Chassy


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