Did you know that the animal fur garments you are wearing could be United States domestic dog fur? This is a reality. It has been found that in addition to mislabeled dog and cat fur out of China, there is at least one company in the United States blatantly selling dog-fur vests, coats, gloves, blankets, belts, etc.

Laura Stinchfield

As many of you know, wearing animal fur is an inhumane, disrespectful act to the animals. Some may see me as being too radical in my thinking but these people do not know that these animals are skinned alive with extremely painful methods. They are always housed in inhumane living conditions leading up to their deaths. I urge you to think about the animals’ spirits, personalities, and emotions before you take a product with animal fur up to the checkout counter. If you call yourself an animal lover and still buy these products, you are choosing to remain unconscious to the reality of the cruel practices that these animals endure. When you try on that soft animal fur hat, gloves, or vest, please ask yourself, “What would it feel like to be skinned alive?”

Here my animals share their thoughts on this issue:

Bean, my bunny: “People often say they love animals, but they don’t research their choices. I think this is sad for everyone involved. Because some of these people who are buying these products are compassionate to animals. These people are just being lazy in their thinking. I know that if they experienced one minute of the life of the animal who got skinned for his fur, these people would be spreading the word to others to stop this practice and help save these animals from suffering. One minute of suffering for one being can be equivalent to another being’s lifetime of suffering.”

Stormy, my Aussie dog: “I went to the beach this morning and saw many dogs playing and having fun. It makes me terribly sad that some dogs’ live their lives in dirty kennels getting abused until the day they are skinned alive so that people can feel they look fashionable. I know there are other alternatives because I have been with my mom when she has read about them. You can be fashionable and cruelty free.”

Summer, my friend’s Labrador: “I experienced fear from people. When I was little, someone scared me for a few days. I cannot imagine being scared and tormented by people for a lifetime. I don’t know how those animals ever find peace. I can’t think about it. It makes me sad.”

Honey, my friend’s Labrador: “I think I have seen people wearing that fur. I think that is gross. I think those people should go back to the store and give the products back. My human sister makes clothes and really likes clothes. I want to tell her about this because she may not know.”

Makia, my cat: “People need to open their eyes and stop saying that they don’t want to hear it because they don’t want to feel pain inside themselves. This is selfish on their part. Hear it, deal with it, and change it. That is how you transform suffering into joy.”

Serafina, my cat: “I agree with Makia. Let’s go break into those kennels and steal all those dogs. I saw a garbage truck today. Do you think they could fit in that truck?”

Luca, my young poodle: “Doesn’t dog fur get dirty? Don’t some people not like dogs because they have fur? Why would they want clothing made out of it? They think it is not dog fur but another animal’s fur? Why would people want animals to be skinned alive? Why do people do these things? How can someone skin an animal? Are those people not well in their minds? I don’t understand.”


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