Kira, Canine Creative Director

Life Is All About Chicken, Fetch, and Smells

Paul Wellman

What’s the best part about hanging at the Indy office? Snacks! Snacks are the best part of everything! There is one human at the Indy who fills me with chicken and pastries. I’m quite fond of all types of chicken — roasted, baked, boiled, braised, fried, grilled, cooked, seasoned, plain … Chicken.   

Any particularly fun smells you’ve encountered recently? I’m so glad you asked about smells! Humans don’t give smells enough credit. Really the best smell is myself! I have a blanket under my human’s desk, and it smells just like me which makes me feel really happy when I sleep on it. 

Outside of the office, what are your interests and hobbies? Besides chicken, balls are my greatest joy. It’s unfortunate that I’m dependent upon my human to throw the ball, because I could chase balls all day. Seriously, dude. All. Day. 

If you could give one piece of advice to a new office pet, what would it be? Try not to bark. They don’t like it when you bark …